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  1. kayakwriter

    kitchen accessory as kayak hatch accessory

    I've been using this little trick for a couple of years and finally remembered to post about it. I carry a little silicone-bristled basting brush in the deck hatch of my skeg boat. The bristles are good for flicking away the sand and grit that accumulate on the hatch-to-coaming contact...
  2. kayakwriter

    Shoes news

    So I was a big fan of the older-model Keen amphibious sandals as summer kayaking footwear. Sadly, all of their newer models are open at the lower heel back. Great for draining out water and grit, I'm sure. But for someone like me, who has to insert a 1/2 inch lift in one shoe (to offset legs of...
  3. kayakwriter

    Easter Weekend to Portland Island 2022

    April 15, 2022 I was up insanely early to catch the 7AM ferry at Tsawwassen. My tripmates arrived just as I was coming down to my door, and we quickly transferred their gear into my Subaru like the practiced team we are. Although with gear for three people, plus the three people themselves, it...
  4. kayakwriter

    freebie online talk on stoves and provisions for sea kayaking

    Yours truly will be blithering on about stoves and food on May 16 and then again on June 29. Registration required. (scroll down to find my event.)
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    commercial postings, also Online VHF courses May 3, May 28, June 25

    Hi all, So I know we had a issue very recently with a commercial posting for guided kayak trips. The general WCP policy remains the same: no threads created for the sole purpose of promoting commercial goods or services. (It's OK to make non-libelous comments good or bad about specific...
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    yodeling kayaker (in the PNW)

    So I've been known to bust out a sea shanty or two when no other paddler is near enough have to cover their ears, but this fellow knows his notes and takes advantage of a tunnel for excellent reverb... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0"...
  7. kayakwriter

    Current correction factors for Page, Iroquois and/or John Passage?

    Hi all, Does anyone know the precise time and speed corrections for Page, Iroquois and/or John Passages between Vancouver Island and Coal Island? I'm assuming timewise it's pretty close to the official predictions for Sidney Channel, but I know from experience that in the narrower spaces in...
  8. kayakwriter

    Next Online VHF courses February 12, March 26, May 3

    Hi Crew, Being able to knowledgeably use a radio really helps safety and efficiency when sea kayaking. And it's not just a good idea - it's the law: you are legally required to have a ROC (M) to operate a marine VHF in Canada. Luckily, at least during the pandemic, we're allowed to offer the...
  9. kayakwriter

    Marina pay ramps hate this one stupid trick...

    I'd always thought of a cowboy scramble as a re-entry technique for use if your roll failed. Turns out it can also be part of a routine launch...
  10. kayakwriter

    Chimeric Cookset, and show us your manufacturer's mash-up

    CPS's pictures of his creative hybrid of tent body and tarp shelter got me thinking about my own Frankenstein follies where I mix bits from one or more manufacturers to suit my own needs. It's most visible in my kitchen set up. The building block for it is the Trangia 25 cookset. Over the years...
  11. kayakwriter

    Drysuit Boots - my latest experiment

    So I've been mostly using the standard, soft-soled low-ankle height dive boots with my drysuits. But I've been finding even the oversized zips on them tend to jam with sand, and their position over the inside ankle bone makes them spontaneously unzip as I'm paddling. When diving, you could just...
  12. kayakwriter

    Owl's well that ends well: kayaker saves a bird
  13. kayakwriter

    Whole other Orcas?
  14. kayakwriter

    east coast kayak tragedy

    No information on the boat, the paddler's experience level or about immersion wear or other safety gear, but the weather forecast seems like it should have been a sign to stay off the water...
  15. kayakwriter

    Shoulder season on the Sound: Hotham Sound

    September 30, 2021 During the drive to Earl’s Cove, heavy rain showers coated the winding road with sheets of water a centimeter deep at times. It was uninspiring, but by the time we arrived at the ferry terminal, it had cleared. As we approached Saltery Bay on our second ferry ride of the...
  16. kayakwriter

    Defeat the seat: repairing my Valley seatback

    So while back, my Valley seat cracked on one side where the backband strap screws into the seat frame side. I could have ordered a new seat online, but I was concerned I'd just be replacing that again down the road, so I'm experimenting with a repair that makes a hybrid seat bottom/minicell...
  17. kayakwriter

    next online VHF course October 5, 2021

    Hey all, The next online course I'm teaching for marine VHF is October 5. Getting your ROC (M) lets you use your VHF legally and effectively - handy for kayakers or any other mariners.
  18. kayakwriter

    Paddleboarders in trouble in English Bay So it was paddleboarders, but it could just as easily have been kayakers. I think that it's something of the same mindset that gets skiers and hikers in trouble on the North Shore mountains, "If I can see the...
  19. kayakwriter

    Online VHF course, August 24, 2021

    Because the topic's come up in another thread, and because JBK always gets lots of inquiries about when the next course is:
  20. kayakwriter

    The Trip That Wasn’t (Part 2)

    Another in my "Paddling the Past" trip reports about voyages of yesteryear. Crossposted at August 20, 2001 Though I had set my watch alarm for 6:30AM, when my bladder alarm went off at 3:30AM, the wind was howling fiercely through the trees and the barometer had continued to...