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    Sucia, Patos; Humpbacks & Orcas... oh my!

    This summer, my eldest sister moved from the flatlands to the Wet Coast and ever since, I have been busy showing her around her new home. Sometimes that means a day of practice at Deception Pass or a local river and sometimes that means a multi-day sea kayak trip in her new backyard, the San...
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    Trip Leadership

    Leadership (specifically, leading kayak trips) is one of my favorite subjects. You could study it (and practice it) your whole life, and still not come close to mastering it. Why? Well, for one thing, what makes a “good” trip leader in one situation might fail miserably in another situation...
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    First sea kayaker fatality in 2019

    My sister lives in Iowa and knows the people involved in this accident, which proved fatal to one of the paddlers. They were all skilled sea kayakers wearing Gore-Tex drysuits, PFDs, etc. Here is the link to the report in American Whitewater...
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    Watch out for idiots in power boats!

    I watched a video this morning that really triggered a lot of personal memories I have of watching powerboats careening toward me at full speed without any sign that they'd seen me or my kayak. It's a particularly helpless feeling when that happens because you don't know whether your best...
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    Orcas in decline thanks to sea kayakers

    Here's an article that ran in the Seattle Times a couple days ago: I have a couple of thoughts on this topic: 1) The steady decline in resident orca populations in...
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    GPS Waypoints for sea kayaking

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    Crossover Kayaking: The Lower Owyhee