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  1. KayDubbya

    Looking for "Brian Loyd the Paddler"

    Sounds like Doug Lloyd.
  2. KayDubbya

    2 Kayakers near Comox: both swim, one dies

    I'm guessing at least one of them learned a valuable lesson.
  3. KayDubbya

    Feathercraft Has Closed Permanently

    I wouldn't be surprised if they set up a small side business supplying parts to existing Feathercraft owners. That would give some comfort to future sales transactions.
  4. KayDubbya

    Feathercraft Has Closed Permanently

    That's about the worst news I've had in a long time. What a shame, though sadly, not unexpected given our current economy and forever changing priorities. Some really top notch people worked there and I'm sure they'll all go onto even better things. Damn shame none the less.
  5. KayDubbya

    Would anyone in Vancouver, BC recommend a ROC-M course?

    I took my course through CPS (Canadian Power and Sail) in Kelowna was very pleased with the instructor and the course format. I'm sure they have a branch or two in the Lower Mainland. While their focus is largely on larger craft, they do push the important points if the course; correct...
  6. KayDubbya

    Kayakers in Kelowna BC

    I'm the past president of the Kelowna Kayak Club. There's lot's of active paddlers in the local club, but I guess fewer of them are on this site then there used to be. I would send an email to and inquire into any upcoming activities. The club AGM happened at the...
  7. KayDubbya

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer - $2,250

    Re: NDK Explorer - $2,250 Unhappy to report this kayak is now sold. I'm gonna miss it. :(
  8. KayDubbya

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer - $2,250

    Re: NDK Explorer - $2,250 It's not. I had some coaching from some of the THR guys and one of them stuck it on there as inspiration. It looks cool and might fool the odd person into thinking I'm a better paddler than I actually am.
  9. KayDubbya

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer - $2,250

    Re: NDK Explorer - $2,250 No. Still available. Come and get it... :big_thumb
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    Paddling balaclavas- MEC vs Chillcheater

    Just thought I would mention that any prices on include the UK VAT (a bit like our GST). This is not charged to out of country purchasers. You should really be deducting %20 off of those prices. This brings the price of the Reed down to $24, not $30 (though shipping would...
  11. KayDubbya

    Storage volumes and skegs

    I have an NDK Explorer (currently for sale, BTW :roll: ) and would say that for VOLUME of gear it's well suited to 2-4 week trips. I'd preface that by adding that you must have a good handle on the size of your individual pieces. The hatches are only 9" so there are some larger items that I...
  12. KayDubbya

    Reed Chillcheater experience

    Ahhh! Sarcasm. My favorite. Sorry it didn't work out for you. P.S. I've got both the MEC and the Reed Balaclava. I like them both.
  13. KayDubbya

    Reed Chillcheater experience

    Your experience couldn't be more different than mine. I have ordered several items from Reed over the last few years so I know I didn't just "get lucky" on a one time order. All of my shipments did show up, with no pre-sent tracking information, but were received within a 10 days of ordering...
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    SOLD! - NDK Explorer - $2,250

    Re: NDK Explorer - $2,250 Ever since the Phoenicians invented money, there only been one answer to that question. :wink:
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    SOLD! - NDK Explorer - $2,250

  16. KayDubbya

    Favourite tarp?

    I have ordered a number of items from a small cottage industry company in the US called Simply Light Designs. He can custom make tarps (and hammocks, etc.) based on any request you have. I have found his build quality to be top notch, and the service and turn around on custom orders unmatched...
  17. KayDubbya

    looking for a shoulder physio in vancouver area

    2 months of "physio" (Acupuncture, EMS, Laser, Heat, massage, stretching, etc.) did essentially nothing for my kayaking related shoulder injury. It's unlikely that anyone other than a trained SPORTS physio person would have made an improvement. My family Doctor pretty much confirmed that...
  18. KayDubbya

    Oru, Sea Eagle or Advanced Elements?

    I'm familiar with the Oru Kayak. It doesn't fit my "conventional" definition of a folder, though I suppose you can't get more "folder" than the Oru. Frankly, it barely fits my definition of a kayak. :wink: Call me elitist, I guess.
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    Disposing of a kayak?

    First kayak I ever paddled. Nice boat. Shouldn't be hard to get it seaworthy.
  20. KayDubbya

    Another island speed record attempt

    Totally, wholeheartedly agree with this part John. Very well said. :hug