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  1. eriktheviking

    BC Resource Road Updates

    This resource was pointed out to me today- it is a BC Gov't web resource that lists resource road issues for the different management regions. A decent start page is: <local-road-safety-information>. From there you can look at the individual regions listed on the left-hand side. The amount of...
  2. eriktheviking

    Portage system suggestions?

    I have snagged a slot for the Bowron Loop in late August (vaccination schedule contingent!). I have done the Bowron West Side as far as Babcock Lake before and also some other trips that had modest portages (e.g. Murtle Lake access). The Bowron portages are more notorious for difficulty and cart...
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    Sealect Rudder Foot Braces

    New Sealect Foot Braces and cable adjust. $70 + shipping (from Prince George B.C.)
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    droopy skeg

    I bought my P&H Cetus HV used last summer and put on quite a few miles. I put it in the basement for the winter and when I pulled it out now that the snow is receding I see that the skeg is drooping: I don't recall doing any nastiness to the skeg system but I do recall that on one of the last...
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    Southwest Haida Gwaii tour

    I had the good fortune to do a Haida Gwaii tour this summer. I hope some buzzmarketing is acceptable here- the trip was with Butterfly Tours (google to find Gord's web site). It was an 8-day trip (Saturday to Saturday), with a van pickup in Sandspit, down to Moresby Camp for the zodiac ride...
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    Porcher Island to Kitkatla

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    drysuits on sale

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    West side of the Bowron

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    thoughts on drysuits

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    recommended kayak cart