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  1. Kayak Jim

    Feathercraft Big Kahuna

    Feathercraft- boat of choice for remote expeditions and iconic Canadian brand (Granville Island). This is their day tripper. 14'9" long with 25" beam. Sub 40 lbs. Includes optional rear hatch. Get the feel of paddling a skin boat without the maintenance. Stow it in a closet, RV, or airplane...
  2. Kayak Jim

    Squall Hazards

    Here's an informative video on the nature and danger of squalls, some hair raising footage beginning around the 8 minute mark, and an incident analysis.
  3. Kayak Jim

    Improving grip of a neoprene skirt?

    I sometimes use my Brooks neo/nylon skirt that uses the bungie sewn in a tunnel vs. bungie sewn into the edge. It doesn't grip the cockpit rim very well and I'm wondering if anyone knows any tricks for improving that. I thought about coating the neoprene in the tunnel area with rubber cement...
  4. Kayak Jim

    Delta kayaks- anyone with skeg version?

    I'm thinking it's time to retire my trusty old bombproof Prijon as it's just getting too hard to schlep it up to the roof rack, as well as keep up with my buddies. So looking at the Delta 16, skeg version. Delta answered my questions about the skeg but didn't send me any photos of it and its...
  5. Kayak Jim

    SOLD! - Older Nimbus Solander for sale - could use some work

    Posting for a friend... ...a classic Nimbus Solander that could use a bit of work (or not) Hull is in pretty good shape. Gelcoat was professionally touched up along the keel line 2 years ago. Rear bulkhead and hatch (neoprene over fibreglass) also in good shape. Rudder is pretty basic with...
  6. Kayak Jim

    SISKA on Zoom - wind prediction and satellite comms.

    A couple of Zoom sessions being hosted by SISKA April 8 and 15. They asked that it be distributed to other clubs and organizations. Here is the info about them (these are links to the MailChimp mailout but they provide details and Zoom links)...
  7. Kayak Jim

    Uniden VHF radio, by auction, for a good cause

    A member of our local paddling club is generously offering a Uniden VHF radio to raise money for our estuary restoration project. Sale is to highest bidder by deadline of Dec 14. Great opportunity to pick up a piece of essential kit (or a back up) and help a good cause. Contact the seller via...
  8. Kayak Jim

    Harvey Golden presentation TODAY Oct 20

    Short notice but Harvey is giving a Zoom presentation on traditional kayaks today at 4 pm PDT. If you don't know who Harvey is and wonder what his credentials...
  9. Kayak Jim

    Beckson Deckplate gasket lube?

    On my stitch and glue boat I used 8" Beckson pry out deck plates for fore and aft hatches (with a webbing loop for openning and safety tabs). They have an o-ring gasket. Is it advisable to lubricate this gasket to both promote sealing and to ease openning? If so, what is appropriate lube? I...
  10. Kayak Jim

    Yukon River Quest now underway!

    As of noon today the World’s Longest Annual Paddling Race – 715 km / 444 miles from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon is underway. Race tracker...
  11. Kayak Jim

    Sticky tent fly coating problem

    I have an older 4 season tent where the heavy duty fly and floor coating has gone "sticky" to the touch. Its a North Face Mountain 25, maybe 15 years old. It has had fairly light use but has saved my bacon on exposed shorelines in wild weather with its robust materials and tight rock solid...
  12. Kayak Jim

    Mariner Express on Vancouver Island

    Edit: oops not supposed to post links to other classifieds sites. Sorry. Please delete thread.
  13. Kayak Jim

    Skin boat for sale

  14. Kayak Jim

    STOLEN KAYAK Seaward Cosma Grande

  15. Kayak Jim

    How does this bungee hook come apart

  16. Kayak Jim

    Tethering a paddle float?