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  1. mick_allen

    "Bizarre . . . " - Log intentionally dropped onto 2 Paddlers - Nanaimo

    'This was a bizarre incident': Man arrested after kayakers struck by log pushed off cliff near Nanaimo:
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    New Bowen Is Park includes camping - Metro Vancouver

    Unfortunately minimal usable water access, so for general info only: Metro Vancouver is proposing to spend $40 million to preserve part of a spectacular site that was being developed on Bowen Island...
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    Someone jump on this free Delta 14-5!

    get this while you can - I got too many kayaks.
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    Just throwing out a line . . .

    amazing catch from a little kayak. Cold Fraser River, too. [face intentionally blurred]
  5. mick_allen

    just starting? can't lose - Nimbus Seafarer $825 fully outfitted

    just saw this: paddle, jacket, pump, and skirt too?
  6. mick_allen

    Homage to the [now closed] Guillemot Kayak Building Forum

    It was with some sadness that I recently read that Nick Schade had closed his kayak building forum to new posts. In the last few years it had become inundated with spam as Nick had moved on to other endeavours such as joining CLC, making videos, building classes, opening a facebook forum while...
  7. mick_allen

    Rogue 17.6m [58 feet] Wave off Ucluelet!

    So, who was hit by that huge wave in Nov 2020? Once in 1000 yr event, 3x the size of adjacent waves although it was immediatly preceded by an extremely massive but lower wave - look at the wireframe simulation. info and graphic simulation...
  8. mick_allen

    Dumb idea - lowest profile short distance cart

    Ok maybe not such a great one but can also function as a dbl layer sleeping bad. What if you had 2 and just alternatively moving them from the back to the front as you crept along low to the ground across whatever?
  9. mick_allen

    'Worst SUP tragedy in sport's history' - 4 die, 1 charged with manslaughter

    Paddleboarding incident in Wales a few days ago, 9 boarders, in a river, in flood conditions, at a weir, as a sudden deluge happened. Story here: video of scene: It might...
  10. mick_allen

    large area of Young Point, Lasqueti Is - saved by BC Parks Fund

    BC Parks fund has successfully purchased a large tract of land at the important SE portion of Lasqueti Is. This is a large area with a nice wild coastline with multiple potential sites that hopefully some of which will be available for small boaters to use. It is a key stepping stone for...
  11. mick_allen

    aluminum sectional double 1944

    I came across this old ww2 kayak . . . heavy but interesting . . . hatches too! 20’-0’ x 2’-3.5” [bow 4’-6”, mid 11’-0”, stern 4’-6”] x 1’-4” max depth Wt 300# plus [bow 34#, mid 212#, stern 40#, outriggers 32#] oh yeah, mid part is reversed for confusion -...
  12. mick_allen

    Howe Sound - Kayaker saves canoeist.

    Steve Best [SKABC Howe Sound point man] saves a canoeist stranded for 4 days: video: rock on Steve!
  13. mick_allen

    Video - Cleopatra needle rescue by Surfski

    An interesting rescue of a paddler from a vertically swamped kayak seemingly out there for 'quite a while' about 1km or so from shore. Slightly difficult to ascertain exactly what's going on, but the surski paddler abandon's the compromised kayak, asks the victim hang on to the back but then...
  14. mick_allen

    2 rowing deaths

    Not completely pertinent to us: rowers typically are in thin, light, tight clothing and do not wear pfds [sometimes have smallish 'bouyancy aids' close or around waist - but bodies found on bottom so not used/present] But high winds, 'freezing temps' and very cold water. Looks like everybody...
  15. mick_allen

    Photo & Video Atlas of parts of BC & WASHINGTON COASTLINES

    This is unbelievable: a video and photo atlas of the whole bc coast. Some parts are dated and low quality helicopter video only: others have both with great 6000 x 4000 px shots every 100 m or so . . . I've only looked at a few locations to get a feel, but it's amazing...
  16. mick_allen

    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    Coming soon for you?
  17. mick_allen

    Barricaded Trails/Roads to Public Lakes or Rivers

    There's a fascinating case being appealed in BC courts today with regards to a landowner gating historic trails and roads through his private lands to several public lakes...
  18. mick_allen

    W Ballenas Island - IT'S DONE!

    I just saw that a large proportion of the funds necessary have been raised to save West Ballenas Island for BC Parks, but there was not very much time given or left to complete the last 12% necessary. Just until Nov 17th, but it's possible. here's the story...
  19. mick_allen

    Orcas attacking boats in europe

    I've been seeing a few news stories about unprovoked and seemingly coordinated attacks against sailboats off Spain:
  20. mick_allen

    The Canoe and PostModernism - locked

    This topic is locked [and may be deleted] as it is political . . . . . But I just noticed that there are 2 more Canadian books [westcoast authors, too!] taking us on - with respect to our main subject. I had known about: Inheriting a Canoe Paddle: The Canoe in Discourses of English-Canadian...