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  1. Philip.AK

    Cleaning lichens off gelcoat?

    I have a boat that has been sitting on a rack for a while uncovered, and there are lichens growing on the gelcoat. I need to clean them off, and I thought I'd start with a non-toxic spray of white vinegar with a bit of dish soap as is suggested online. Or I could just go at it with a brush. What...
  2. Philip.AK

    An archaeological site survey by inflatable kayak in Kodiak, AK

    I just got back from a 6-day trip on the east side of Kodiak where I helped my friend, Patrick, do his usual spring archaeological site survey. This time we canvassed the north shore of Kiliuda Bay. The weather was not very cooperative with a lot of rain and temps in the 30’s to low 40’s (2-6...
  3. Philip.AK

    VHF radio with DSC / man overboard?

    On a different message board someone was looking for a handheld VHF that was USB rechargeable and had the channel 70 (2187.5 kHz) DSC (digital selective-calling) distress feature. A few new handheld radios have DSC, which can send your coordinates to nearby receiving radios. Icom claims their...
  4. Philip.AK

    3 times across the Atlantic by kayak

    This was a good listen. It recounts the 3 times the Pole Aleksander Doba crossed the Atlantic Ocean solo and [mostly] unassisted and tries to explain his motivations. NYTimes podcasts The Daily
  5. Philip.AK

    Field work by kayak on Kodiak Island's south end

    I just spent the past week and a half on the south end of Kodiak Island helping a friend conduct a spring field archaeological site survey of prehistoric Native Alaskan settlements. The Kodiak Archipelago was settled approximately 7,500 years ago by coastal peoples called the Alutiiq/Sugpiaq...
  6. Philip.AK

    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    It's been a while since I have posted a trip report here. I have done a number of packrafting trips that you guys might find entertaining, though be forewarned that they often include a fair bit of hiking. For this first one, I took the mail plane to Port William on the south side of Shuyak...
  7. Philip.AK

    Another week packrafting on Shuyak Island, Alaska

    This summer I popped back up to Shuyak Island to spend a week packrafting with a friend who had never been to Alaska before. She had fun. :^) Enjoy.
  8. Philip.AK

    Packrafting Alaska's Lost Coast

  9. Philip.AK

    Where did you paddle? - April 2013

  10. Philip.AK

    Foot pedal modifications

  11. Philip.AK

    Sealect Designs hatch covers as Valley replacements

    Bumping up this old thread to report the results of my experience with Sea-Lect hatch covers. I've got a new-to-me Valley Etain, year of manufacture, 2015. The rear oval cover in particular was starting to show small cracks (oval covers flex more than round as they're peeled open), so I thought...