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    Help - I'm Trying to Identify the make & model of this sea kayak (thanks in advance)

    I would have guessed it's a Nimbus Puffin. The Puffins I have dealt with have a similar "ridgid seasock cockpit" as well as the stiffener rod... Feathercraft rudders were standard on Nimbus kayaks for a very long time. And the hatch shapes do look like early Nimbus versions. Here are pictures...
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    What they said... The very narrow support on a small car's rack is, say, 28"?, on a touring double (20 - 22') that is 8.5' to 10' unsupported on either side, said kayaks are often 95+ lbs, if you are renting it's likely that they have a heavier lay-up and are exceeding 100lbs. Small cars...
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    Wanted: Neoprene paddling boots

    Any reason the NRS Boundary Boots don't work? While the price tag has gone up considerably, they would be my first choice if my Chota Mukluks were in need of replacement today (I like the lash system on the Chota's and the Boundary Boot looks very...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Unless my understanding is way off, the Solstice models went through at least three major changes / updates in the past 35 or so years, but the Extreme / Nomad has always been a quite different beast. As a small paddler, the Extreme / Nomad has always fit me better than the Solstice GTS...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    The Extreme has been updated and renamed as the Nomad around 2010 (I think). Narrow-ish (21" If memory serves me right, and looong (close to 19') I've never seen a Nimbus Zoom in person, so not sure how many are actually around and if the plug still exist. Contact Nimbus for more info?
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Have you actually sat in / paddled a Looksha IV? I'm likely fitting your "smaller paddler" criteria (5'5" [168cm], 140lbs [62kg] ...ish...) and I assure you that that cockpit feels like a bath tub for my build. All I'm saying that a) older NA style models' specs describing a kayak as small...
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    Carbon and epoxy, UV resistance?

    IMO nothing is holding up to UV indefinitely.... Some chemical structures resist UV damage better than others, but eventually all take a hit (gelcoat chalking, anyone?) I believe that the commercial deck fittings are made from Delrin, an acetal with some degree of UV stabilizer in it. As you...
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    Gel coat/Catalyst ratio for small batch

    I second @CPS ' questions / suggestions. Re: waxed / air dry: Polyester resins and gelcoat only cure fully in an anaerobic situation. In kayak production unwaxed gelcoat is sprayed into the mold which is the barrier against contact with air, and then the next layers are built up on the inside...
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    Necky Arluk ii repair questions

    John, it looks to me like @Schuey has removed the foam bulkhead already? It's hard to tell from the picture what sealant residue is on there. As discussed previously, Lexel can work for this application with meticulous prep work. Edit: Ok, I'm logging out. I hate to be the echo here... ;-)
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    Necky Arluk ii repair questions

    If you were able sand it, it was waxed gelcoat. Unwaxed will stay tacky (-ish, when under pressure) and would clog your sand paper.
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    Necky Arluk ii repair questions

    Ah, John beat me to it! Ditto on using fiberglass. In smaller amounts the weight difference of the fabric is negligible, the weight will mainly be the resin. And, if layed up to common standards, the kevlar will actually be covered by fiberglass on the inside of the kayak to mitigate the...
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    Silva 70P compass question

    In addition I've put more knots into my string, 1NM apart to get a quick idea on distance (1NM on a 1:40,000 chart, double the distance for 1:80,000)...
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    Summer 2021 Clayoquot Sound paddling
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    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    New block in front, classic break in the back.
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    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    Fairly sure that the block itself did not withstand the torque and cracked around the pin... It's the weak spot to begin with: The stainless pin is pressed into the acetal block which in turn has all the groves to guide the release cord and the 3 holes to attach to the cage. I've seen old, uv...
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    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    Now, @Mac50L , you really need to stop being soooo mean to those poor, poor, poor guys! {/sarcasm} I have yet to touch a Lightspeed double, but, looking at John's still and further footage of the broken rudder, it seems to me that this kayak originally had the under stern rudder (that lighter...
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    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    My guess would be a Lightspeed / Extreme Interface (lettering at 15:48) Phantom with a modified rudder? Either my search skills are abysmal, or there are essentially no pictures to be found for this kayak model. I thought I was clever and zoomed in on the blue double on the beach - that is...
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    NDK Explorer - External skeg box repair advice

    Aaaaaand Kari-Tek strikes again... Or in other words, known (to me) weak point with this kind of skeg. This plastic skeg box is multi layered, that gap, for now, opens just into the void in the inside skeg box (for lack of a better description) and water might eventually find its way into the...
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    New (to me) Winter Project

    If you attach mounting plates (Nick Shade calls them cheek plates) to the kayak you can install the fiberglass seat with bolts to the plates and, with a couple more holes in the plate, adjust positioning as desired / needed? Unless, of course, you are putting seat and foot controls on sliding...
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    Lady Rose Marine Service - last sailing August 31 There seems to be no details or plans for a successor at this point. Grateful to have done that trip down Alberni Inlet (and back). Great memories.