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    what's this stroke called?

    Another version, which can be much harder, is the simply pry where you just push off the kayak (i.e. no sculling) to move the kayak sideways. That can be used often in canoes, especially tandem at the stern. I've only seen it once by a high end kayaker - one with a competition white water...
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    I normally wear contacts. In general they've been fine in waves, currents, and rolling. I mainly wear glasses and use disposable contacts for sports ... and kayak touring. The salt water and bacteria in the ocean may have an impact on permanent contacts. I'm not sure if that's the case, check...
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    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    Thank-you for those stories Philip and Andrew. So very interesting to about that change in retail culture and looking to take advantage of "the big corporate stores that are making millions." I wonder if that would have still happened with MEC had they not changed as they did? Unfortunately, I...
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    Self-rescue while tripping

    That's a great question Andrew, None for me. Now that you ask it, I can't think of any from people I've paddled with either. Like Peter I may have rolled once or twice, but in a situation that if I blew the roll the outcome would have been disastrous. More like I stupidly lost my balance while...
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    Deck line tensioning

    There was thread about these whirlpool loops quite a while back. I'm sure someone can link it better. I agree with JohnAbercrombie (and Leon Somme :) on skipping the middle fitting to give a bigger. That's what I've done...
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    Paddled an old friend.

    lol! So true, as I wrote my reply I was thinking that one of the advantage of the Grumans were that they were the lighter canoe!!!! Wouldn't be thinking that nowdays with my fibreglass Clipper!
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    Paddled an old friend.

    Good old Grummans! I did many a trip in them as teenage camper. Including a couple in Northern Quebec where they more than held their own on some 12 day trips in the some remote wilderness. I agree with you, they were great to paddle and perhaps better quality than we gave them credit for...
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    If you could have one of these three?

    I'll support the nomination for the Chatham. I own a Chatham 16' and it's a great boat, I've used it both for shorter touring (camping) trips and playing in currents and rough water. The 17' will be a bit better for touring (faster as it's longer and can also hold more gear), a bit worse for...
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    Bear spray at Broken Group?

    In the past I haven't carried bear spray on island kayak trips. In hindsight, perhaps I should have. You'll likely never regret carrying it and not needing it .... you will regret not carrying it and needing it. There are now grizzly bears on Vancouver Island that have swam over from the...
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    Filer Creek: First Descent Expedition

    Not a sea kayak expedition, but I posted it as I found it very interesting how their risk tolerance changed, for the good, due to the remoteness. Also, very neat to see how they packed all that gear for 7 days into whitewater boats .... with no hatches. And I found it hard enough when I moved...
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    Monitoring Logging Road VHF Frequencies?

    I just came across this video released by the BC Forest Safety Council, another great resource
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    The Psychology of Solo Tripping

    Perhaps one last comment, I think it's been well alluded to in this thread, but perhaps not stated outright. It's very normal to be anxious when solo camping. It's nothing at all to be ashamed about. I have done my fair share of solo camping, and I still get anxious when I'm out there. In...
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    2 sea kayakers rescued by Coast Guard helicopter at Trinidad, California

    They would also rescue the kayaks as well. I would think they would load them up on the rescue boat shown in the video as it is certainly big enough to carry them. If they don’t pick up the boats then someone is likely to see them floating empty in the near future and call in another rescue. I...
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    2 sea kayakers rescued by Coast Guard helicopter at Trinidad, California

    "The other two sea kayaks and kayakers seemed to be OK when they were picked up by the Motor Life Boat - perhaps it was getting back to shore through the surf zone that was the problem?" I don't think the Coast Guard would have given the other 2 kayakers an option. They've had to rescue the...
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    Kayakers "Swallowed" by Humpback Whale ... It does Actually Happen!!!

    Well, the story that we always hear and say is an urban myth has finally happened. Had I just seen the video I don't know what I would have believed, but I heard it on CBC radio on As it Happens on my drive today and had to look it up. And no, they weren't actually swallowed, but they were in...
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    Dungeness Bay Tragedy

    Excellent Video
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    Advice on Crossing Ferry Lanes?

    This article just came out on Paddling Magazine:
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    Foot pegs Q

    I would go with the Yakima footpegs. I had the same problem on my Chatham 16. Swapped out the plastic rack it came with for the full Yakima system. That was 7 years ago and they've been holding up fine ever since. Only annoying thing was that metal racks are shorter than the plastics ones so I...
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    Monitoring Logging Road VHF Frequencies?

    Nootka's references are fantastic. As someone who works in the resource industry and travels on radio assisted roads all the time there's very little I can add to those links. I would say several points: 1. All Resource Road Channels are direct only with no repeaters. You don't actually want...
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    Chatham 16 suitable for a first kayak?

    We're close to the same size, and I have a poly Chatham 16 as my main 'play boat'. I'm 6'2" and 195lbs. It is just a tad tight on me around the hips, but I like it that way. There's plenty of leg room. A kayaking partner of mine also had one, he was closer to 220lbs and fit snugly, but he also...