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    Compression socks for paddling?

    Has anyone tried using compression socks while paddling? If so are there any brands you prefer or anything to look for? The reason I ask is my legs fall asleep when I am out, and I am wondering if they would help. When I wear my wetsuit I don't have this issue.
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    A Quartet of Loons

    I know it isn't a still photo, but I wanted to share my experience from yesterday. While paddling along 4 loons started singing right beside me. So I quickly hit the shutter button on my deck mounted gopro and turned around capturing most of their songs. I am sorry for the poor image...
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    my first ever carnage and repair ( sof )

    I saw a nasty rock about 3 1/2 inches under the surface yesterday when I need about 4 inches to clear. It was of course too late so I scraped it hard. The worst hole was almost the size of a quarter. No damage to the Western Larch ribs. That wood is tough. Thankfully the ribs stopped most of...
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    anyone on Hornby or Denmen Is?

    Now that I am on Hornby Island for the summer and possibly permanently it would be nice meeting a few fellow paddlers. So is there anyone here from Hornby or Denmen islands looking for a paddling partner? Nothing too serious, I am still a salt water newbie. Retired or semi retired would...
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    Switching from small lakes to ocean

    I've never paddled in anything larger than Okanagan lake and the biggest waves I have encountered are around 2 feet. However I may be accepting a job along the coast soon. My kayak isn't the issue, a 17'5" sof that I over built. It's the operator. I would probably be considered as an advanced...
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    gopro mount ideas

    A year ago I was looking for the best method of mounting a gopro onto a kayak without any mods. There weren't a lot of good solutions out there, and I ended up clipping a helmet strap onto my rigging. So I figured a thread on ideas could be useful to others. Please post your own ideas. I...
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    hi and my newest project

    Just saying Hi from the BC Kootenays, I know I am one of Those Inlanders, but I hope you forgive me for it. I swear I am looking at changing that soon. Anyway I thought I would share my latest project. My first sof kayak, from scratch and my own design. Lashed together, not a single screw...