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  1. Gary Jacek


    Hi. I am Gary and I am a Gearhead. I often cruise the various Buy&Sell sites looking for interesting old and new bits of kit. Every once in a while I run across a relic from a bygone era. No perimeter lines. No bulkheads or floatation. Often damaged, but the vendor thinks it is gold. Here is...
  2. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for sale

    Red. Rotomolded. Skeg. $1900CA In Victoria BC Tempest 165
  3. Gary Jacek

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    I am curious what Vancouver Island circumnavigators think of this no mans land on the west coast. Times Colonist Article
  4. Gary Jacek

    ISO Wilderness Systems Zephyr

    In search of a used plastic Zephyr, prefer 15.5 but could make 16.0 work, preferably on Vancouver Island. Doesn't matter what colour.
  5. Gary Jacek

    I wish to register a complaint. (Monty Python voice)

    I came across my old Ranger FastFind PLB with expired battery. And I recall that Kayakwriter posted an update sometime back, of a Vancouver firm which replaces these batteries. So, simple enough. Use the search function on WestCoastPaddler to search for "PLB" and author "kayakwriter" in the...
  6. Gary Jacek

    Probe your Strobe

    Years ago on a SISKA visit to our local Rescue Coordination Centre at CFB Esquimalt, I chatted with a former SARTEC about the best ways to make yourself visible to rescuers. His response was to use the VHF/PLB to call for help. When rescuers are spotted in daylight, pop a smoke flare. If it is...
  7. Gary Jacek

    Fleet Renewal and the Perfect Kayak

    Today I had occasion to list the kayaks that have come (and gone) during the past 15 years of Jane's and my paddling. CD Solstice GT CD Gulfstream Another CD Gulfstream CD Sirocco Tahe Greenland T Feathercraft Wisper Feathercraft Khatsalano Trak (Version 1) Nimbus Telkwa Sport Delta 15.5...
  8. Gary Jacek

    TinyOctopus Pacific Northwest Currents App

    Some of you may have licensed this app, as I did on my iphone/ipad. It is a convenient, portable version of the hydrographic service current charts for Georgia Strait and vicinity. Planning next years paddles, I notice it does not accept dates in 2022. It just quietly rotates the year back to...
  9. Gary Jacek

    Be safe before and after your paddle

    Don't be this kayaker.
  10. Gary Jacek

    Tie One On

    About once per year my local paddling club (SISKA) offers a session called “Tie One On”. Because…Friends don't let friends drive like this. Photographed this morning on Old Esquimalt Road.
  11. Gary Jacek

    Have Your Say - Canadian Hydrographic Service

    The CHS is asking for feedback regarding their services. I suspect they wish to cease publication of water soluble charts. Wouldn’t it be great if they provided freely downloadable charts in PDF format, as is done by New Zealand for many, many years. Here is the link to the CHS survey...
  12. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Current Designs Gulfstream

    Glass layup. Rinsed after every use and stored in a dry, heated garage. Comes complete with push-button electric bilge pump, hand pump, sponge, throw rope, paddle float and sprayskirt. Located in Victoria, BC. $1900 CA .
  13. Gary Jacek

    Gary Doran - May 23 2019

    Sadly it is time to mark the passing of Gary Doran. If you've taken a course from SKILS here on Vancouver Island or attended the Pacific Paddling Symposium you will no doubt have met this gracious and skilled instructor. We are all better for having known him...
  14. Gary Jacek

    Something new from Justine C.

    It is long past a return visit to Baja.
  15. Gary Jacek

    Nimbus Telkwa Sea Kayak

    Red deck White hull Durable Fibreglass layup 2004 model In good condition Comes with sprayskirt and cockpit cover $2000CA Located in Victoria BC
  16. Gary Jacek

    Bear Cannisters

    An interesting read on bear barrel performance.
  17. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Yakima JayLow Folding J-Cradle Rooftop Kayak Racks

    Comes with all the included straps and bar adapters to carry one boat. Fits Thule square and Yakima round bars. Will also lock onto other brand/oval bars. Nearly new. $120 Located in Saanich (Victoria) on Vancouver Island...
  18. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Delta 15.5 Expedition Kayak

    This is an awesome packhorse that will swallow tons of gear for longer trips, comparable to a Nimbus Telkwa. This one has the optional Fit Kit panels installed. Basic Sprayskirt included. $1900CA
  19. Gary Jacek

    SOLD! - Tahe Greenland T (Touring) Kayak

    Phenominal kayak for learning to roll. Accelerates quickly and tracks well in wind and waves. Sleek black hull with black/white deck. Always rinsed with freshwater after use and stored in a heated garage. $2000 CA Located in Victoria BC