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  1. Kayak Jim

    Leaking Air bag?

    I've done a float bag repair with ShoeGoo.
  2. Kayak Jim

    Delta 12s or eddyline Rio?

    They look to be very comparable. From the photos the Rio seems to have more rocker making it more maneuverable but with perhaps less tracking. But that might be offset by other hull shape factors, or just the photos. If you can't try them both, either would probably fit the bill for a...
  3. Kayak Jim

    Shoes news

    In case anyone else this side of the pond has to look up "jandals"....
  4. Kayak Jim

    Seized 2-piece Paddle

    Pour boiling water over the outer tube to expand it and work the joint before the inner tube warms up.
  5. Kayak Jim

    SOLD! - Seaward Passat G3 $3500

    Says SOLD in thread title.
  6. Kayak Jim

    Feathercraft Big Kahuna

    Feathercraft- boat of choice for remote expeditions and iconic Canadian brand (Granville Island). This is their day tripper. 14'9" long with 25" beam. Sub 40 lbs. Includes optional rear hatch. Get the feel of paddling a skin boat without the maintenance. Stow it in a closet, RV, or airplane...
  7. Kayak Jim

    bungee beads? Widely available. This was the first listing that popped up.
  8. Kayak Jim

    Shelf Life of an Opened Canister of Dehydrated Food

    If you portioned into individual vacuum bags and kept them in the freezer I would have no problem eating it beyond the original canister expiry date.
  9. Kayak Jim

    Pygmy Hatches

    Not sure of the Pygmy design exactly but on my CLC boat I use this on the through bulkhead hatch. Different widths and thicknesses available but it's all self stick closed cell foam...
  10. Kayak Jim

    Seaward Legend Kayak $2000 obo

    Any photos of the bottom of the hull?
  11. Kayak Jim

    Nomad GTS HV Kayak by Current Designs for Sale; $2,750

    The poster hasn't been on the site for more than 4 years so you are unlikely to get a response. Sorry.
  12. Kayak Jim

    Extra cushion/pad for kayak seat suggestions

    While it may not be a "paddling" seat pad, I would try any of the rectangular Thermarest type inflatable seat pads. Sizes vary and there may be one that doesn't need the shaping that the paddling specific on has in order to fit.
  13. Kayak Jim

    Drysuit gasket replacement

    Just received my order. 2 latex wrist seals, a neoprene neck seal and a set of retrofit suspenders. One month to the day, but the neoprene seals are made to order (apparently)
  14. Kayak Jim

    SOLD! - Paddling Outerwear

    Such great deals for someone starting out (or anyone). Sorry to hear of your troubles. I learned a LOT from your articles etc. over the years and for that I thank you Doug.
  15. Kayak Jim

    Sealant question

    I would use 3M 4200 in both spots but there may be better choices.
  16. Kayak Jim

    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I'd be posting my bad experience on the Greenland and his FB pages, his Youtube channel and anywhere else he showed up.
  17. Kayak Jim

    Skirt for a Nifty 430?

    Wouldn't a Nifty dealer be able to give you that information? (I'd never heard of the brand until your post)
  18. Kayak Jim

    Frej XS

    Looks good! I'd be doing a little test panel before committing to the dye job.
  19. Kayak Jim

    Desolation sound and bear country

    One time paddling in Algonquin Park I woke to find a racoon hanging from my suspended food bag. It had successfully opened the tied together zipper pulls and was dumping our food onto the ground for it's waiting buddies. I put the remaining food in a dry bag and threw it out into the lake with...
  20. Kayak Jim

    Drysuit gasket replacement

    Timely thread as I was just browsing the Seaskin site.... They show both "standard" and "heavy duty" neck and wrist seals, and also neoprene neck seals they refer to as "diving style". Are any of these besides the "standard" suitable for paddling suits? And as an aside, I see they also...