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  1. ChG

    Artlish River Launch

    Shorter road but much rougher. OK for 4x4. We're heading up next week-end but this time we're going to Fair Harbour. When are you going?
  2. ChG

    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    Last week I was in Surge Narrows playing in the current when a pod of 5 Orcas surrounded me while also going with the flow. I've had many encounters with Orcas over the years and have never felt in danger. I do agree that Humpbacks are more oblivious and because their numbers are climbing...
  3. ChG

    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    I have a Crosstrek with wind bars mounted on the side factory bars and I have carried a double once. Worked very well but needs stern and bow attachment. The span between the wind bars is 40 inches. I also have an upright stacker on it that helped to stabilize the kayak and can also carry up to...
  4. ChG

    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    I do agree that the change of ownership seems to be good so far. The MEC store in victoria has a more friendly lay-out and the staff is great. I have shopped at MEC from the early days, and for sure things have changed like most retail businesses do over time but it is still a great outdoor...
  5. ChG

    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I will second that. I've had 2 paddles made by Randy Millar, a very reliable guy. Not surprised about Joe O'Blenis, he's had that bad reputation for several years now. 10 years go, I ordered a long Greenland paddle with him and got a short storm paddle instead that I have basically used for...
  6. ChG

    Stolen Kayak

    Good to have boat insurance. My partner and I own 3 sterling's kayak and we have them insured. Of course it would never pay for full replacement but it does give peace of mind. Great choice with the Grand Illusion, if there is a kayak that can pretty well do it all, it's the one.
  7. ChG

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    Thanks for the post #33 info. I wasn't aware that we couldn't paddle along the West Coast Trail during the off season (Oct 7 to April 30th). We've been doing the South section in mid October for the past 7 years, and never have we encountered a park ranger. We've always launched from the Gordon...
  8. ChG

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    It's similar paddling along the North Coast Trail or any BC marine parks, you need to pay for camping but no need of reservation. As far as paddling along the West coast Trail, every year my friend and I wait Oct 1 (trail closure) and go for 3 or 4 days paddling along the south portion out of...
  9. ChG

    BC Northern Route - Kayak Carts

    I'll second that. There is no need for a kayak cart. We had 6 kayaks and managed without it. The BC ferry guys at Bella Bella are super helpful.
  10. ChG

    Sterling Kayaks New Ownership

    Double the money but double the fun in the surf! I might be biased having own 3 different Sterling's kayaks over the last 15 years but find me a Sterling's kayak paddler that doesn't have a grin on his face after a good kayak surfing session. You got to love the enthusiasm and dedication...