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    Attention: Kayak Builders- Free Thomasson Panthera Hull/Deck Project

    I've decided not to complete my latest Panthera project, so it's looking for 'a new home'. Design details at Hull and deck have been stripped and epoxy glassed on both sides. The deck needs to have hatch recesses and deck fittings...
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    BC Marine Trails Website 'Improvements' 2021

    Check it out!! :thumbsup: New !! :thumbsup: Slower!! :thumbsup: Fewer features!! :thumbsup: Those old tools you loved- like being able to 'turn off' unwanted icons (Picnic sites, etc.) on the map? Try to find them now!! :thumbsup: Enjoy agreeing to the 'Code of Conduct' every time you...
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    Favourite photo of all time - welcome to altered reality!

    It's hard to find a photo that hasn't been distorted by 'extreme Photoshopping' these days. I think a lot of (younger?) people will be disappointed by how dull the real outdoors seems, compared to photos online. From...
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    DSC VHF Handheld Radios

    More and more I hear recommendations for DSC VHF handheld radios because of the 'SOS' button which will 'squawk' a distress signal with the lat-lon (GPS) coordinates of the radio. Ideally the radio will be powered on while paddling, I guess, but I tend to keep the radio off, thinking I am...
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    Level Six Cronos Drysuit 6-Month Review

    I mentioned the Level Six Cronos in an earlier discussion here: I’ve been using the Cronos for all my paddling outings since I got it last May. Though I haven’t paddled very much this year, I wanted to offer...
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    Do we need compulsory certification for SUP paddlers?

    :):eek: From today's email spam from Paddling magazine: :) :eek:
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    Electric bilge pump users?

    Hi- I'm thinking again about electric bilge pumps for my kayaks. I had one in a Mariner Express, but sold that boat years ago. I used that pump only once in a 'realistic' situation in a class, but it was really helpful. I finally got back into my boat with a paddlefloat re-entry and roll (it...
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    SOLD! - Nigel Foster Whisky 16 Sea Kayak $1575 CAD

    Nigel Foster Whisky 16 Sea Kayak This kayak is in good condition and is ready to use. Designed by Nigel Foster Built by Point 65 Kayaks (Sweden) Here's a video with Nigel Foster talking about the design and paddling the Whisky 16. Stable feeling and responsive, the Whisky is a fun boat for...
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    Panthera Fast Sea Kayak $2900 CAD

    Panthera Fast Sea Kayak This is a Panthera Fast Sea Kayak designed by Bjorn Thomasson. Design Information at Build info here at WCP: This...
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    COVID and canoeing, sea kayaking continues decline...

    Interesting article on paddling data, by Bryan Hansel of Paddling Light: I find the 'sea kayaking decline' reports mystifying, in light of the reports of crowded campsites, reservations required in Broken...
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    Glue a new wrist gasket and keep it neat!

    A friend sent me a couple of pics shot while gluing a new wrist gasket on a paddle jacket. Keeping the jacket (or drysuit) out of the way so it won't get glue drips or pull on the gasket is always a problem for me. Here's a neat solution: put the jacket in a bucket, then pull the cuff through...
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    Tensioning deck lines

    Here's an idea from Sterling Kayaks (Ice Cap) for folks who like to keep their perimeter safety deck lines from looking loose: Under the heat shrink, the shock cord (on the left) is joined to the deck line. The knot in the deck line limits the amount of 'stretch'. This idea wouldn't work as...
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    End toggles through holes in the hull- details

    Looking at details and how they make a difference when the kayak gets used.... It's not obvious from the pics but there has been quite a bit of chafe damage to the line, which is held taut around the bow and stern by the tubing. If the holes had chamfered edges, this could have been reduced, I...
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    What's the point? Stohlquist PFD!

    Break time on a paddle today: One of my friends took off his brand-new Stohlquist PFD and was examining the back carefully. "What's wrong?" "I feel something sharp in my back when I'm paddling. Look!" Sticking out of the fabric on the side touching the paddler's back was a metal point (with...
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    Different rudder cable routing?

    Is this common? Or even good? Spotted in a used kayak ad.... First time I've seen 'non-direct' cable routing. But it does look like the tubing extends right out of the deck, so it may be 'stock' from the (Seaward) factory?
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    'Guide-approved' tips for launching kayak in rough conditions

    Good for a laugh? Here's my first tip for that 'guide': Never put yourself beween your kayak and the shore when there are waves about.
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    I like thru-bolts for mounting footpeg rails. They are simple, and if you want to remove the footpeg rails to use a bulkhead footboard, it's easy to plug the holes. Also, if you are paddling up to a capsized kayak, it's easy to tell which end is the bow, by looking for those machine screw heads...
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    SOLD! - Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    This is a one of a kind Mariner Express Kevlar kayak with front and rear hatches and fiberglass bulkheads. One of the best all-round kayaks ever, the 16 foot long, 22.5" wide Express is a secure and fun boat for day paddles with the capacity to carry food, water and gear for multi-week camping...
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    SISKA on ZOOM - From day paddles to multi-day tripping

    Tonight from SISKA (South Island Sea Kayak Association): The Journey to Multi-Day Tripping How does the recreational kayaker make the transition from short, local paddles to planning and going on a multi-day expedition? John Minkley and David Maxwell, as well as 6 other experienced SISKA...
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    Another "What were they thinking?" example - Valley skeg control box

    "Hey, lets cover the connection between the cable tube and the control box with resin and glass. It will look really smooth!" Valley Nordkapp LV SN xxxxxxxxxxL609 2009 model? Makes a simple repair into a major job.