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  1. BigandSmall

    Frej XS

    A build thread for a Bjorn Thomasson Frej XS. This project has been a long time in coming. I first bought plans for an Isfjord Mini in 2015 and picked up all my materials from Rod Tait at Orca Boats shortly thereafter. Life has a way of getting in the way and the materials sat for a long...
  2. BigandSmall

    The Capstone Project, Arctic Tern 14

    High school students are now required to do a project of some sort in their senior year in BC in order to graduate called Capstone. It's unfortunate because some kids just don't have any free time if they are competing for scholarships. No one needs extra work load when you're already...
  3. BigandSmall

    Sanding pigtails in epoxy, will they disappear with more epoxy?

    Leave the 80 grit pigtails and epoxy fill right over top, will they disappear? Or should I sand them all to 120 grit but slightly deeper into the weave? (I'd like to avoid this) I'd like to add a thin top coat of epoxy after level sanding the kayak. Just starting to show the weave in a...
  4. BigandSmall

    River Trip, Davie Lake to Williston Lake

    There is a chain of lakes Northeast of Prince George connected by slow moving rivers. You can go from Summit lake all the way down to Williston Lake. Google Satellite images showed the stretch between Summit Lake and Davie Lake to be pretty grown in. We therefore elected to leave from Davie...
  5. BigandSmall

    Wipe down with Naptha or Methyl Hydrate after epoxy sand?

    I did a leveling sand today and was wondering if Naptha or Methyl Hydrate was acceptable to wipe down with between coats? With social distancing I'd like to use what I have on hand rather than run to CDN tire. Going to add another fill coat tomorrow.
  6. BigandSmall

    Dialing in paddle length

    Just a question on high angle paddle length. I see a lot of people have moved to shorter paddles over the years and I am hoping to draw on that experience. On flat water I notice the 5cm difference from 215 to 210 but in waves I don't. I suspect that's just me not being comfortable enough...
  7. BigandSmall

    Bar width for 4 J racks?

    What bar width are you folks using to fit 4 J racks and touring boats? Looking to do a wide bar set up for longer trips and not have to bring my trailer. I was planning on building something but I see there are some inexpensive aluminum bolt on options available with 66" wide bars. Not sure...
  8. BigandSmall

    Kayak cover for travel/storage?

  9. BigandSmall

    New Small Persons Boat (thermoformed)

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    New P&H Scorpio HV

  11. BigandSmall

    Red deck line?

  12. BigandSmall

    Yukon River, Whitehorse to Dawson City

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    Amateur outfitting

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    Peace River Trip

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    Dinosaur Lake

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    Neck Gasket Trimming

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    Tahe Reval HV