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    Humpbacks do not have sonar

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    Northern Light Paddle Loom

    Wanted: a NLP loom 15" or greater. I believe they go up to 18". Would prefer a longer length. The measurement I refer to is not the total length, but the grip length ie a 13" loom is 22" overall. I'd also consider a whole paddle if the loom was long enough.
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    This may be of interest to some
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    SOLD! - Nimbus Telkwa (Kevlar!)

    I learned to roll in this kayak and it has been on a few west coast trips. I switched over to skeg boats so the Telkwa hasn't been used for a while. It is in good shape, and has never been dragged over beaches. New seat, hatch straps, and paddlefloat straps. See pictures for the extra...
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    Drysuit leak test - with soap/water mix

    All the kayak drysuit tests I've heard about have involved partially filling the suit with water and looking for leaks. Or wading into a lake and then looking for wet spots on clothes. I've tried the water thing and it can work but it is non-trivial to do. If you look online, there are youtube...
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    Contact cement for minicell & gelcoat ?

    Is Lepage's Heavy Duty Contact Cement a good choice to glue minicell knee padding to gelcoat? It's for my Surge Narrows kayak so will get wet occasionally. Thanks, Al PS I can't get Weldwood Red as...
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    Looking for a ride to North Island

    Can anyone give me a ride to one of Pt Alice, Coal Harbour, Gooding Cove, Side Bay, Klaskino Inlet? Anytime in August. With kayak. Will gladly contribute gas money. I'm also open to having a paddling partner for a trip from north Brooks to Gold River.
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    test of Drysuit leak

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    SOF rolling kayak

    Has anyone built a skin on frame kayak with a very low back deck? 1.5" or less rear deck freeboard? I've given up on my Tahe Greenland for the strait jacket roll. I suspect 1.5" is too much freeboard for me (the Zegul Greenland lists capacity at 220 pounds). Since 1.5 cm appears to be legit...
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    Roderick Haig-Brown

    Why Haig-Brown Matters More than Ever Andrew Nikiforuk The Seventh Haig-Brown Memorial Lecture
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    resident orcas are starving

    A four-year study using drones has found orcas off the B.C. coast are far thinner and more malnourished than their nearby cousins.
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    summer is here

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    wind turbine

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    Feedback wanted

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    Surge Narrows info

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    classifying skill levels