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    Filer Creek: First Descent Expedition

    Not a sea kayak expedition, but I posted it as I found it very interesting how their risk tolerance changed, for the good, due to the remoteness. Also, very neat to see how they packed all that gear for 7 days into whitewater boats .... with no hatches. And I found it hard enough when I moved...
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    Kayakers "Swallowed" by Humpback Whale ... It does Actually Happen!!!

    Well, the story that we always hear and say is an urban myth has finally happened. Had I just seen the video I don't know what I would have believed, but I heard it on CBC radio on As it Happens on my drive today and had to look it up. And no, they weren't actually swallowed, but they were in...
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    Dungeness Bay Tragedy

    Excellent Video
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    Stohquist Shift Drysuit Review

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    Lake Superior Fatality

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    Whirlpool Bars

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    Rescue on kayaking course

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    Footpegs Poly Chatham 16s