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  1. WGalbraith

    Replacement handheld GPS

    My old Garmin GPS MAp60CsX packed it in on a recent trip to D'arcy Island. Any recommendations and experiences with handhelds that are waterproof enough to mount on the deck of my kayak, have decent battery life and can be backed up to save Waypoints. I really liked the details and features of...
  2. WGalbraith

    SPOT Gen 3 GPS Messenger

    For Sale - Generation 3 GPS messenger. Has been kept in waterproof deck bag for its lifetime. Original box, accessories included. $100.00
  3. WGalbraith

    GPS Micro SD card- Used or new one needed

    I am looking for a copy of the Garmin Blue Chart g2 software for a 2010 era handheld GPSMap60CSx.
  4. WGalbraith

    GPS Micro SD card- Lost

    Last trip out to the Deer Group I noticed my GPS ( Garmin GPS 60 CSx) displayed a rather amateur looking screen that showed I was not anywhere near where I knew I was. No matter what I did Helby Island and the Ross Islets did not appear on the screen. My way points appeared on the map but not...
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    Food to take along

  6. WGalbraith

    SPOT Gen 3

  7. WGalbraith

    Breakfast Chia

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    Stove repairs

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    Splitting Froe

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    Home made Tortillas

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    Kitchen Utensils

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    Chocolate fondue

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    Burritos at sea

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    Good Nights Sleep

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    Reign Pants

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    Broken Group October ??

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    Bouillion Cubes