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  1. jefffski

    Howe Sound

    Still going strong after our 13-day canoe trip in the Discovery Islands (report coming soon), today we opted for a paddle down Howe Sound. Putting in at the Blind Channel added a few km to the old put in at Nexen beach. We paddled our Clipper Tripper in mirror-like conditions all the way down...
  2. jefffski

    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    amazing trip. The 40 km day has me a bit worried about pulling it off.
  3. jefffski

    Canadian Central British Columbia, Bella Bella to Hakai - information dump requested

    We found an excellent water source near Quinoot. Tea like but plentiful. Near here: 52°10'27.52"N 128°20'26.27"W It was audible!
  4. jefffski

    Hakai Area Hotsprings

    Hose, Quinoot, Cultus, Soulsby, Serpent and North Beach (Calvert Is) are all on the Marine Trails map. No Name: 52° 0'13.65"N, 128°15'11.05"W Swordfish: 51°52'30.29"N, 128°14'6.04"W
  5. jefffski

    Hakai Area Hotsprings

    Here's my report from Bella Bella to Hakai (North Calvert) and return by canoe
  6. jefffski

    Desolation sound and bear country

    You can't generally carry a gun in Canada. Cook far from your tent. Wash dishes far from your tent. Store food far from your tent in the forest away from where people generally go. As bears are creatures of habit, they'll check the usual places first. If a bear is not habituated, it'll run away...
  7. jefffski

    Journey to the Upper Pitt River (Full Documentary)

    Pitt Lake is serious water. In summer, winds and waves develop in the afternoon that make paddling dangerous. Plan accordingly
  8. jefffski

    Pacific Rim Problem-No stopping in Pacific Rim Park Reserve

    There are lots of reasons to break rules. Emergencies are one. Covid time isn't another. These have been extraordinary times, akin to war measures from eons ago. In this case, to make it worse, they planned their stays and deliberately ignored the rules. Did others do the same? Absolutely. Does...
  9. jefffski

    A Loop of Hornby & Denman

    Awesome report. Thanks
  10. jefffski

    God's Pocket Exploration

    I read April. Good report. I paddled there last summer, and though we did not see as many marine mammals or other creatures, we did see lots, especially in Browning Channel at low(ish) tide. What amazed me was the size of things--giant sea stars and mussels for example. I would not...
  11. jefffski

    Around Bonwick in a Weekend

    Cool trip! Seeing a sunflower star is amazing, especially without diving, as they are now considered critically endangered and even extirpated locally.
  12. jefffski

    Pitt lake overnight

    In this season, I leave my mesh-lined 3-season tent at home and take my expedition tent with its solid walls and burly poles. It's much warmer than my 3-season tent and can handle wind, rain and snow. Setting it up takes longer. A mat with an R-value of at least 4 is a requisite. A down bag will...
  13. jefffski

    To EPIRB or not to EPIRB

    Awesome answers. Yes, PLB, not EPIRB. Showing my age. Will bite the bullet and buy one and tether it to my PFD. Thanks!
  14. jefffski

    To EPIRB or not to EPIRB

    I'm interested in your opinions. Just to be clear, an EPIRB is a one-time use device to alert authorities of an immediate need for a rescue. I am an ocean canoeist. My partner and I have paddled in the BGI, Deer Group, Broughtons, Hakai Luxvbelis (Great Bear), Sechelt Inlet and Desolation...
  15. jefffski

    BC Northern Route - Kayak Carts

    I'll add one more detail. We carried a styrofoam cooler from home and onto the ferry for some of our perishables. We left it near the dock after we disembarked and it was taken by someone who needed it.
  16. jefffski

    BC Northern Route - Kayak Carts

    We took the ferry from Port Hardt to Bella Bella. On the northbound trip, they had a giant cart for all the boats. They forgot it for the southbound trip, so the boats had to be carried on. Several of us worked together to make that happen. Gear went separately.
  17. jefffski

    grounded barge and sailboat in English Bay?

    King Tide is Dec 6. That will be the best chance to move it.
  18. jefffski

    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    This is his reply on FB to a comment on his post with the video: "because I'm a filmmaker not a kayaker. If this situation can gain me exposure as a filmmaker at the expense of my reputation as a kayaker I'd take that opportunity 10 times in a row. I don't care what other kayakers think about...
  19. jefffski

    Any fresh water in the Broken Group?

    Benson island was owned by a family that ran a hotel there. They now own Friend Island in the Deer Group. Benson Island was expropriated for the park.