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    epoxy Sanding

    How important is it to get every last little bit of shine off the epoxy on the hull before varnishing? Are very small spots going to show once the varnish is applied? Thanks.
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    Cut hatches now or after varnish

    Finished wet sanding the deck. Better to and glue the hatches now or put a coat of varnish on first. Seems like easier to put the hatches in, then finish with varnish.
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    System 3 Silvertip Gel Magic instead of epoxy

    Amy thoughts on using Gel Magic instead of epoxy on bulkheads on a Pinguino? I have some West Six10 but not sure about compatibility with the System 3 epoxy on the hull and deck. Thanks.
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    Gorilla Tape on hull

    Used Gorilla tape on a Pinguino 150 build. When I peeled the tape off the deck that has not been glassed yet it was fine, but almost all the pieces left the sticky stuff attached to the hull that has been glassed. Thoughts on the best way to get this off? I was thinking of using white vinegar on...