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    The Kelp Highway...a migration theory ...[from Japan?]

    Interesting article that includes digs on Quadra Island and some nice photos and video of spots many of us have been in the Dicovery Islands... Happy Holidays, Jim
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    Best option for protecting paddle tips?

    Time to recondition a couple of well used Greenland paddles. I want to sand down the epoxy I had used to protect the tips which have become somewhat exposed due to chipping. I'll either need to pick up some fresh epoxy or may try a polyurethane product. Any thoughts on a preferred option?
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    April Kayak Festival

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    Greenland Storm Paddle

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    Sleeping bag recommendations

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    Parking at Tulista Park

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    Parking at Lund

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    Rolling DVD

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    Desolation Sound Camping

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    SOLD! - Caribou S for sale