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  1. Oldpro

    Building my Osprey

    At 81 I've decided I need a project, so I pulled out the boxes containing the Osprey kit I bought in 2005 and began. I was pleased to see that everything was packed so well and there was no damage! I've set up on a covered patio and began when out daytime temps were in the high 80s. This morning...
  2. Oldpro

    SOLD! - Two Arctic Terns for sale

  3. Oldpro

    Paddling in New Mexico

  4. Oldpro

    Paddler's delight

  5. Oldpro

    Deck gluing tape residue

  6. Oldpro

    Securing Pygmy hatch cam levers

  7. Oldpro

    Cockpit padding

  8. Oldpro

    Choice of kit maufacturer