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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    I have a (new to me) Seaward Passat G3 and the rudder and the rudder is floppy, loos and worn out. Ideally I would like to replace it with a new rudder with a foil blade. I really dislike flat plates so I’ve been searching and not coming up with anything other than SmartTrack rudders. I...
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    Current Baja information

    So I have been planning a trip this March from Lorato to LaPaz…only just found out that Espiritu Santo is off limits unless you have a guide. This is a shock to me as I had been there a number of times but in the 90’s. I’ve paddles all over Baja but it’s been a while. Can anyone point to a place...
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    Nautiraid Raid ll part measurement needed.

    Hi all. I’m in a bit of a difficult situation. I have a Nautiraid Raid II and I’m missing a part. I lent the boat to someone and only now a year and a half later I put it together and one of the floor/ spreaders are missing. I have no idea nor does the person who used it on where it is. I...