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  1. AlphaEcho

    Broughtons, Boyles Point

    I was going to throw this into Trip Reports, but it's not a report, but a query for current intel on a site. I've been invited on a trip to the north side of the Broughtons this season. Our trip planners visited Boyles Point (the mainland side of the crossing from Malcolm Island and Numas...
  2. AlphaEcho

    ISO: Women's PFD & Dry-suit

    Hello - posting for a friend, new to paddling, who needs gear. She is looking for a W large or M medium. - PFD, "guides" style, with extra pockets and good range of motion. - Dry-suit, can be single or two-piece. Any help is welcome. Thanks!
  3. AlphaEcho

    SOLD: Boreal Designs Epsilon T200

    My friend in Nanaimo upgraded to a CD Solstice GT and is putting her Boreal Designs Epsilon T200* up for sale. She is asking $1500. Was previously in a rental fleet. The hull is not pristine (see photos), but it is solid: no cracks, and no leaks. Cockpit cover included. * This is the...
  4. AlphaEcho

    Savvy Navvy

    I've been keeping an eye out for boating apps that offer features for paddlers (and human powered craft) not just the sailing and motoring crowd. This one showed up in my feed today. It is clearly positioned for the aforesaid crowd. It comes out of the UK, but they seem to have detailed charts...
  5. AlphaEcho

    Easter Weekend, West Redonda Island

    This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my kayak being stolen from my apartment's underground parking area. It was that raw and personal violation that crystallized my decision to leave the city and begin on this path, making possible my adventures here in the Discovery Islands (and the trip...
  6. AlphaEcho

    Howe Sound Webcam

    For those living in the Lower Mainland, this is a new webcam in Copper Cove (near Horseshoe Bay) looking north to Anvil Island. Good for checking paddling conditions on Howe Sound --
  7. AlphaEcho

    Necky Looksha IV

    Hello all. I've been scanning the ads for almost a year now watching to see if my stolen boat shows up. This one isn't it, but if you're a medium sized paddler, this is looks to be a good boat going for cheap. It looks pretty beat up outside, but you can see the Kevlar hull peeking through in...
  8. AlphaEcho

    Feathercraft K1

    Spotted on Craigslist today - If you're looking, the price is only $1,000.
  9. AlphaEcho

    Sandy Island, Baynes Sound

    Last weekend a friend and I visited Sandy Island (aka Tree Island) in Baynes Sound, south of Comox and north of Denman Island. This was my first visit to this site and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. - BC Parks This blog post offers more description and photos that I quite liked...
  10. AlphaEcho

    Read Island Winter Campout - Snowpocalypse

    Clearly we are living in "interesting times". I was reading about the specific circumstances required for there to be snow in all of Canada's capitals for more than 2 days straight. It hasn't happened very often since we started keeping track a little over a century ago. So, when the forecast...
  11. AlphaEcho

    Gray Whales in Puget Sound

    This is why long-term science studies matter .. and yet another way new technology is expanding our understanding of the natural world (and our impact on it).
  12. AlphaEcho

    Read Island Winter Campout

    Working on getting this write-up short and sweet, just like this weekend winter paddling adventure. In the summer Read Island is no great distance to paddle from Heriot Bay here on Quadra Island. Kayakers typically cruise past and head up Hoskyn Channel to Surge Narrows, or up Sutil Channel to...
  13. AlphaEcho

    Christmas Campout on Read Island

    My custom at Christmas for the past few decades has been to get out of the house on the day of. No laying about like a bloated python among piles of shredded wrapping paper. This year I went a step further and decided for a winter paddle / campout. Given that these are the shortest days of the...
  14. AlphaEcho

    BCMT website and map

    Word has been passed on to me (as the IT team lead with BCMT) that some people have run into errors with the map (logged in, but not allowed access) in the past few days. When that happens, please email HelpDesk @ The website was down this morning for a couple of hours. The...
  15. AlphaEcho

    Stolen Kayaks

    Please help me find my stolen kayaks. Stolen April 2 from underground parking in Surrey, two kayaks. My brother's Necky and my Nimbus. Necky Zoar Sport: white, black trim, roto-mold plastic from around 2011 (approx 15' boat) - Arc'teryx, NRS, and MEC stickers Nimbus Lootas: red deck, white...