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    Replacing the rudder deployment line

    I was trying to replace the rudder deployment lines on our Delta Tandem 20T and could not feed the new line through. It was getting stopped by the ferrule at the end. I went and got a length of some 14/3 house wiring and pulled the ground wire from it. Fed that through and still couldn't get...
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    Circumnavigating South Pender

    We are going to do this this weekend. Any issues going around the SE tip? tia Sean
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    Tandem lessons

    We paddle a tandem Delta 20T and are thinking about rolling lessons along with some more advance paddling techniques to help us maneuver better. We paddled out to Jericho from Granville island on Sunday and while going into the waves was tiring but no problem, coming back was a little more...
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    Garmin 78S speed logging question

    We have a newly acquired Garmin 78S. When it tracks our progress it catalogs speed in one decimal place, x.x, up to 4.5 knots. After 4.5 the next increment is 5. After 5, it is 6. Is there a way to have it datalog to one decimal place all the time? Here are some examples from the track...