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    We invite feedback

    For a couple of years now, we at BCMT have been accepting submissions from paddlers (and sometimes from others) that were originally intended to be "Site Condition Reports" i.e. what garbage needs cleaning up? or what essential work needs to be done here? but the range of questions/issues has...
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    Summer 2021 Clayoquot Sound paddling

    Do WCP members have experience of paddling in the area of Vargas I after the announcement by the Ahousaht First Nation that a $15/day 'voluntary' user fee be imposed, along with access changes to some sites? I'm both curious and concerned about a possible bad precedent having being set after...
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    Sites disappearing from BCMT map

    An ongoing issue with the BCMT map is that we (BCMT Board and Trails Dev Cttee) will display only sites that have been well checked. We used to call this 'groundproofing' but rather than invent a new term, we now call it site assessment. There is an online form for this purpose. Photos are an...
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    Radio left on beach Rowley Reefs

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    2014 Wish List of sites to be checked

    Good morning Nick: Pat & I are on this site as I am selling my touring kayak. A lot of good information available. Rob
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    Need campsite info