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    'Maddie's Magic' - A Bear Mountain Build by Maddie Millsip

    WOW! That recess turned out nice! It looks, umm, rather Pygmy like. :wink:
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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    I can't take credit for the idea, I saw it here on KBB a few years back.
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    Paddle building.

    The profile shape of the blades is traced from the commercial paddle I like the most, which happens to be a Carlisle. I also have a Werner with almost the exact same blade profile, within 1/8" all around. I have never noticed any twisting while paddling. The final weight, while I don't have a...
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    Paddle building.

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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    The forms are laid out on the strongback with the waterline level. I used a framing square with a pen clamped to it trace the waterline by dragging the square along the top of the strongback. Then I made an additional line to be the width of the stripe I pre-glued together. Then after four...
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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    plimsoll- I had to look that up. learnt a new word today. :lol: This photo holds the clue: Hand sawn at the waterline for this accent stripe:
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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    Yes, I carved the seat out of mini-cell foam that I procured from an archery target. Why an archery target you ask? Because when they are on sale for $40, and contain enough foam to fully outfit two kayaks, its about the cheapest source.
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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    :oops: Thanks again for the compliments. :oops: The glue I used was Titebond III. On real hot days, its sets pretty quickly. I actually have to work real fast to get some stuff glued up, like the waterline stripe before it gets glued in the boat. In the winter, the Titebond III has trouble...
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    It Floats! SM-165 self design-n-build

    Thanks guys! Some of the design was dictated by what I had laying around. I only had to buy two 1x10 pine boards to rip for the deck. All the other I had "in stock". It started as the "SS Unemployment" so that meant as cheaply as possible. Luckily I was employed by the time I had to buy the...
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    Cheap source of strips for a boat

    IF you have the time and the tools, just make your own strips. I'm just across the creek from you and all of my strips are re-sawn from 2 x 6" x 18' & 16' western red cedar deck lumber. Go and hand sort, you can usually find quite a color variation. Whenever I'm in Lowes or Home Depot, I scan...
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    Redfish Silver Photos

    Incredible build!!!!!!! You are gonna feel real proud paddling that around!
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    Fiberglass bargain for kayak builders?

    I just bought some 38" a few hours ago for the regular price of $4.94/yd from Fibergass Supply, uncontaminated and fresh off the roll. Do the math for the above deal........ :o
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    Farsighted (reading) Sunglasses

    While I haven't tried this solution yet (I ain't gettin any younger), I did save the link. It was in a bicycling news letter. They said the product worked great and could be trimmed with scissors to fit various glasses.
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    Build High - Belay Low

    Hope that ain't a double, 'cause I wouldn't want to be hearing any jokes aboot two in the pink, one in the..........never mind! :shock: :oops: :lol:
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    A special thanks to everyone...

    Congratulations! Its a nice community you have built here on the net. 8)
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    Strait of Georgia or the Salish Sea?

    Nope, they need casinos. :roll:
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    Bartender Photos-- Dave's Kayaking Mothership

    Awesome Dave! Fantastic job! Man, Cullaby Lake brings back teenage memories of dirnking beer and watching the hydroplane races. :D
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? - February 2008

    I went solo (as usual) on the Columbia River above the Bonneville Dam. I launched at Stevenson, WA in the Columbia River Gorge and paddled up-stream on the Washington side of the river. Eventually I headed up the Wind River until I hit white water, then headed back to the launch point...
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    Bartender Photos-- Dave's Kayaking Mothership

    Awesome! Fantastic job, Dave!