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    Secure Storage solutions

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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE?: December 2006

    It has a heater, and it works great. I also have a flight attendant. she looks a liitel russian and has some growth, but at least I wont have to get my own coffee. Right mark? :wink:
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE?: December 2006

    Okay enough of the cold weather shots!!! It has been very hot over here in The Cote d' Ivore. 45 degrees the other day so we went to the beach on our day off to have a pop. I was "sans kayak", since it is a little to big for carry-on. But look at the ugliness of these waves. Might be a...
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    Homage to the Inukshuk

    Having seen several of these "originals" in the High arctic, I can apreiciate them completely. Above the tree line, where the horizon all looks the same, the Inuit used these as navigational land marks. Just on the horizon you will see one. As you make your way to it and look far on the...
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    How to surf a sea kayak?

    Surfing with Mark on our last trip was great. The bigger the better!!! You will quickly figure out what paddle strokes you will need to do to make it all work out. I enjoy punching through the big ones just as much as riding them. :P
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    For sale Seaward Passat High Volume touring double

    Unfortunately, not passat.... :roll:
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    WCP Spring get together

    Well lots of interested for this trip. Might need high density tents to be developed. It looks like rain, rain and more rain, but I almost forgot it's in the rain shadow. Right Mark? Africa has given me enough heat and son for the past while, so if I can convince Mango to go in the rain, we...
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    plans for this weekend?

    don't get wet then.
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    Making your own gear -- is a sewing machine good to have?

    So Mark. I guess you will be coming over not to paddle now but rather to sew with Mandy. Thats ok we'll just have to ask you to remove your skirt before you come in. Pants only Mr.
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    Where did you paddle this weekend?

    Hello folks, just had an excellent overnighter to Harrison lake with Dan and Mark, in Dan's double. We left the town and went 20km up the west side to Eagle Falls. We found a family heirloom that was lost two weeks earlier, and had a great time. The return leg, the wind had died and the fog...
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    False Creek Paddle -- Saturday October 8th

    Yup, you missed zero traffic and HUGE rats. was quite fun. A definate must do over 8)
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    The fellow that we purchased this from has a few others as well. Buy it now price of 79usd. The sail has excellent reviews. 8)
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    Hey folks, We just bought a Primex 1.5M sail and masts new in box for 80 bucks on ebay. 270 at Eco-Marine. Anyone use this make before? Friends have one and seem to like it as its easy up and easier down. If we are getting wet, then it will be for sale cheap!! lol 8)
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    False Creek Paddle -- Saturday October 8th

    Is this paddle rain or shine? We will be going regardless, just wondering if everyone else will be 8)
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    Kayak Carriers

    Hey thanks for all the input folks. I went to a Yakima dealer to get the Land sharks but they didn't have any and I was impatient. Who me ...never. I went to Lordco and bought the Thule 874 load and go system. It comes with straps too. Price seemed very fair. They hold and contour the...
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    Kayak Carriers

    Well, what a speedy response. Thanks for the input. I thought that we would go with a known product, Thule or Yakima. The 30% company discount at Lordco led us towards Thule.The investment into the car and the boat, warranted a top of the line rack to protect the dollars invested. These...
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    New Tent Suggestions Please

    My wife and I purchased the Tarn3 from MEC. It is a good two person tent for three seasons. As a true 3 person incredibly tight. We looked at the Tarn 2 but thought it was a wee bit small for two.
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    Kayak Carriers

    Hello there. My wife and I need some sort of cradles for our seaward passat. We sometimes put it on our Honda Civic, but the cross bars go between the bulkheads and Im worried about the tightness that I can get, as well as not doing any damage to the hull. We have a Thule system, with the...