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  1. Redcedar

    bear protection

    I too have heard it said that black bears in the more remote areas of Northern BC are more aggressive to people usually resulting in a quick death to the bear . Sadly a schoolmate of my cousin was killed by a black bear east of Stewart many years ago , he was alone at a job site when the...
  2. Redcedar

    Triangle Island, Cape Scott, BC 16–21 June 2022

    Well written account . Risky trip but you made it so ... well done ! Too bad about the introduction of mink and raccoons to those two islands . Seems like a cull of those two species should be tried I went to Triangle in '86 , did not land , anchored overnight in a bit of a bay on the NE side...
  3. Redcedar

    Courtenay River Rescue

    Give stuck logs a wide berth in moving water
  4. Redcedar

    Desolation sound and bear country

    The boogie man of the woods , BEARS , they do eat people now and then but it's rare , slightly more often they just wound you , sometimes severely and then wander off . Putting food up hanging away from camp is good , putting it in your boat and anchoring off-shore is not as good , bears swim...
  5. Redcedar

    The Pope has a rare antique Inuvialuit kayak

    Looks like the very capable Don Gardner guided the building of this Inuvialuit kayak
  6. Redcedar

    The Pope has a rare antique Inuvialuit kayak

    Mark Reuten shows us his Inuvialuit kayak Besides being a highly skilled boat builder Mark has many good videos on his youtube page , including this one of a journey his Father in-law took on the Mackenzie River many years ago that...
  7. Redcedar

    aluminum sectional double 1944 It says there are variants so not all were alike . Very cool
  8. Redcedar

    Greenland and Aleutian paddles?

    David Zimmerly still has his website up , quite a bit of information there , here is his paddle page
  9. Redcedar

    Offering to trade for a good sea Kayak

    I used to make skin on frame kayaks for sale but that was years ago. If I buy a flintlock trade gun it will be a straight cash deal but not soon as they ain't cheap and shouldn't be . I think you need to try a variety of sea kayaks before you settle on the one or two you want . You many...
  10. Redcedar

    Offering to trade for a good sea Kayak

    Lovely work you do SZ . A .54 flint Trade Gun would be nice one day . No problem shipping flintlocks to Canada by mail anyone can buy one here , percussion need a firearms license though . If you want a touring kayak to never fail you , then the closest thing to that is a plastic kayak if...
  11. Redcedar

    Video - Cleopatra needle rescue by Surfski

    That looked like a situation where flares could have been used to signal for help , maybe they were and no one saw . I tried to tow a friend in the water with my kayak , very slow in calm water and impossible to go against a current or wind more than a few yards if at all depending on...
  12. Redcedar

    Oil leak around Bligh Island

    Thats just sad. What the heck was a ship of that size doing in those narrow channels ? I've paddled that channel , choppy conditions are normal there . I wonder if any thought has been given to pumping out the heavy oil or will oil booms and absorbent pads be the way to deal with the problem ?
  13. Redcedar

    Looking for Greenland paddle instruction, Victoria, BC

    Sometimes one can pick up things from the olden ;) days
  14. Redcedar

    Remembering an old friend

    Back in the early to mid -1980's sea kayaks were starting to take off in BC or maybe i just started paying attention. Sea Kayaker Magazine popped up and on a whim I got a subscription which led to a used Nordkapp HM model - heavy at least 62 lbs , the expedition layup , other HM models seemed...
  15. Redcedar

    Remembering an old friend

    A neighbour has an old Nordkapp that i sat in recently , the one with the ocean cockpit , small and tight fitting good for edging and rolling . Only this one was too tight - 36 years ago that wasn't the case when I got my first kayak also a Nordkapp . Time marches on and so do preferences and...
  16. Redcedar

    SOLD! - Folbot Edisto

  17. Redcedar

    Stolen Kayaks

    If there is a patch of bush or back alleys around you might want to check the locale .Thieves sometimes stash things not far from the crime site especially if they were on foot.
  18. Redcedar

    Takaya the wolf

    Sadly this is not unexpected news . Over years the wolf learned that people were not out to harm it , so it became comfortable showing itself . This is not the norm in most of rural BC where wolves are often shot at on sight as was proven with Takaya .
  19. Redcedar

    Bear scat: hard pass for campsite?

    All black bear photos so far .
  20. Redcedar

    Takaya the wolf

    Even wolves seldom stoop that low except from dire necessity . The old wolf led a lonely but well fed life on Discovery Island it seems .