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  1. Tatlow

    Potential Impacts of Proposed Changes to Canadian Water Craft Regs.

    I cut and pasted this from the on line Canadian Power Squadron Magazine. I wonder aloud, how many kayakers with carry flares and enough to meet the proposed requirements. ____________________________________ May 24, 2018 I have been asked if I expect any changes to the boating Safety...
  2. Tatlow

    Performance tandems

    Are you totally happy with the hatch design? I assume you considered/paddled other boats so what made you choose the Talon? Is there anything you dislike about the Talon? The hatch design on the Talon has served us well on two lengthy multi day trips in the Mid Coast area of BC and many...
  3. Tatlow

    Performance tandems

    Atlantis Talon, hard to find and you might have to send an email to the owner/builder of Atlantis models, Robin, but we love ours and have owned it for 5 years now with no issues regarding performance or storage. They are a fast double FYI. Good luck.
  4. Tatlow


    Question: I noticed today that it said Members on line X, Guests Y and Robots 10. What does the robots refer to? Are we being monitored for ads from other sources?
  5. Tatlow

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer HV

    Sold to a good home. :)
  6. Tatlow

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer HV

    Thanks John. Greatly appreciated. Using a Mac and now know that the Preview program has the resizing capability. Hopefully this will work.
  7. Tatlow

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer HV

    Hello John: The boat is an NDK Explorer HV, wire line skeg (no rope or claw to tie it to). I have a ton of pictures but am useless at posting photos on this site. Relocated from Whitehorse in the Fall...obviously time to update my profile.
  8. Tatlow

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer HV

    Two updates: 1) NDK/SKUK got back to me on the unusual serial numbers 8019. Was stumped as to year of build. Apparently this fine kayak was built in August of 2007, a tad older than I believed it to be. 2) As a result I am lowering the price to 2450. Thanks for reading the updates.
  9. Tatlow

    SOLD! - NDK Explorer HV

  10. Tatlow

    Question re/ kayak choice we are about 300 strong (willed) .... meetings are in Nanaimo, first Wed evening of the month...come and check us out....
  11. Tatlow

    Spring get together

    :clap: Thanks for asking. This will be the first year that I will virtually guarantee to attend and am really looking forward to putting faces to names. Sheila Bam Bam P. are you planning on attending as well?
  12. Tatlow

    Packrafting Alaska's Lost Coast

    Curios about: the weight of your packs given the boats? How well do those crafts steer? Did you ever tip or drop a pack off the front end of one? How far off were the sow and three cubs? Dandy vignette, thanks for posting. :clap:
  13. Tatlow

    Managing paper charts on the water

    Hybrid approach. Large map stays in chart case for land use. I copy relevant sections, in portions, and laminate those which I keep on deck in a clear case. Best of both approaches me thinks.
  14. Tatlow

    Kyuquot Sound, Vancouver Island, BC 1-11 June 2016

    Alex, top notch report. Your experience of the wolves matched ours in the area. Did you get close to the 2 fallen totem poles? If not, then next time eh.
  15. Tatlow


    FSJ? = Fort St. John, NE BC, an area where the site C dam project will create a whole lot more paddling space once completed.... :popcorn:
  16. Tatlow

    Truly waterproof glove recs?

    Nootka "If I fill a new glove from a tap, and no water leaks out, what then do you call it?" Why I would call that a tap with no need to replace the washer......saving a trip to the H. Depot or H. Hardware..... :lol:
  17. Tatlow

    WCP Campout 2016 - April 22-24

    Alas, next year when I am back on the Coast and living the retired dream I look forward to finally experiencing this festival of water rowdies in person, led by none other that Sheila Sheila about Christmas 2016.....whatever shall we get up?
  18. Tatlow

    Bella Bella 2 Prince Rupert 2015

    Thank you for this. Your report certainly relays the reality of paddling on the Wet Coast.
  19. Tatlow

    Perfect kayaking vehicle

    What year of Outback are you modifying? :?: