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  1. Whidbey

    I want to copy my Borealis XL

    When Pygmy had their final going out of business sale, I emailed and asked if I was released from the agreement that I would not copy their design. No reply. I'd really like another Borealis XL and I don't think it would be terribly difficult to trace the sections then cut them out from 5mm...
  2. Whidbey

    Kayak Rack

    You only have room for one more, will that be sufficient?
  3. Whidbey

    I heard from a reliable source that the Pygmy Kayak company is still for sale.

    Sad thing is is that Pygmy Boats was probably worth more during Covid than it is now. People were working from home with extra time and money on their hands and looking for something to do. Bike companies flourished at this time, but now they cannot get rid of product so they are offering huge...
  4. Whidbey

    Werner Furrer Sr has Passed Away

    The gentleman who created the Werner Paddles company has passed away.
  5. Whidbey

    Lightweight Camp Stoves

    It's still good as new after multiple uses. Of course, it's not as pretty anymore since the metal is now discolored from heat, but that's to be expected. The pieces haven't warped, but even if they did they are so thin an flexible that I doubt any warpage would affect performance or ease of...
  6. Whidbey

    Lightweight Camp Stoves

    I've had the larger ti version for a couple of years and I'm still impressed with it. No other stove I'm aware of packs flatter. It's very light too. Keeping a fire going is easy, but it's best to set it on a surface that will not be damaged by heat. This makes it necessary to use an old pie...
  7. Whidbey

    OT: Looking for new web hosting site

    Not Canadian, but a good choice if you are a Mac user is MacHighway. They host our kayaking club website, NSSKA.
  8. Whidbey


    If you end up liking surf kayaking or just plain enjoy playing in the rough stuff, then a helmet is a wise investment. I use a Shred Ready Super Scrappy and find it fits very securely and it's comfortable. I'll wear my helmet whenever I'm paddling where there is a chance of capsize near rocks...
  9. Whidbey

    Borealis XL seat mods and toggle handle advice

    I own and paddle a Borealis XL with the standard Pygmy back band or back rest (I'm not certain which is the correct term). If you install a Pygmy back rest, upgrade the plastic tie downs (again, unsure of the correct term...) to bronze or stainless. One of mine broke during a rough landing...
  10. Whidbey

    Power Supply Devices

    I've had to put some thought into bringing power along for kayak trips. A recent diagnosis of sleep apnea necessitates a CPAP machine, which needs power. Lithium Ion batteries to power it were insanely expensive, so I purchased a Goal Zero Yeti 400. It's heavy, but it provides more than enough...
  11. Whidbey

    Pygmy Borealis XL Build

    Professional perimeter lines are usually slack because they see use through assisted and self rescue practice. Particularly in Pygmy boats a little slack is to be desired so that it's easier to grab a line with a gloved hand where the line passes between the hatch strap eyelets.
  12. Whidbey

    The "Rogue Manual" - A Supplementary Pygmy Builders Manual

    Re: The "Rogue Manual" - A Supplementary Pygmy Builders Manu Steve, I agree with Dave that you do indeed fill a need. Perhaps not for the first time builder, but for someone wanting to build their second or third boats and wish to use their experience to try something different. You are not...
  13. Whidbey

    Pygmy Borealis XL Build

    There's no need for a rudder on the Borealis, or most Pygmy kayaks for that matter. They all track very straight and the few models that do not track as straight are designed for surf and rolling, so a rudder would be pointless on those too. James
  14. Whidbey

    Pygmy Borealis XL Build

    One thing I would have done (and still can do but since I am a procrastinator I have not done) is put a small hole (about 1/8" or less) at the top of each bulkhead. My rear hatch sometimes becomes sealed on under pressure. For instance, if you open it, allow warm air in, and then close and...
  15. Whidbey

    Perfect kayaking vehicle

    I'm soon to be in the market for "the perfect kayak vehicle". Wish list: Nice big rear hatch to keep me dry when I am taking my drysuit on or off in the rain. I'm tall, so it needs to open up high. Comfortable spot to sit in the rear hatch opening when the hatch is open. SUV like seat height. I...
  16. Whidbey

    Pygmy Borealis XL Build

    Hi Steve, Great looking build! I've had my Borealis for about 5 years now and it still looks great. It's due for some dry-dock work (refinish, sand/fill a few gouges, replace the keel tape) which will make it look like new again. Suggestion: After you fit the combing to the deck, it may be a...
  17. Whidbey

    1st Gen Honda Pilot and Roof Rack Question

  18. Whidbey

    A night with Justine Curgenven, Expedition Kayaker, Filmaker

    Re: A night with Justine Curgenven, Expedition Kayaker, Film If you are south of the border in the Seattle area, you can catch Justine's presentation March 3rd. For more info, see here: ... -curgenven James
  19. Whidbey

    Cold Water Immersion Video

    Great video, but I think it could have been better if they had a participant wear proper layers under a typical paddler's drysuit to further demonstrate the need for thermal protection. As shown, the video can leave the impression that a paddling drysuit isn't proper attire for cold water. James
  20. Whidbey

    Disposing of a kayak?

    PM sent - I have the resource to fix this, would be a great boat for my daughter.