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    Dyson, Baidarka and Company

    Hi there, Would anyone have a contact email to reach George Dyson in Bellingham ? I tried calling but no success so far... Looking at buying some polyester fabric for sof kayak. Thanks
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    Rolling workshop

    Hello everyone, As I am writing this, there should be 2 spots available (1 in the morning , 1 in the afternoon) for a Rolling Workshop organized by SKABC tomorrow April 29 at Sasamat Lake in Port Moody. Check out SKABC for more information. Thanks ! Yannick
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    Greenland kayaking

    I have been taking my newly built Greenland SOF kayak to the water. First thing I did, was to practice wet exiting. It went fine, and now it is mostly about getting comfortable sitting with legs straight outstretched in front of me (meaning a lot of yoga, and core strengthening !) . I realize...
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    Sea Sock

    Very interesting articles and great sources of information ! I have settled for a duo of bow/stern float bags sold at Coastoutdoors. As far as drysuits, I have instead opted for combining the use of a John farmer wetsuit and a dry top. ( Found interesting discussions on the topic on the west...
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    Sea Sock

    Thank you so much for all your answers !!! Lots of food for thought ! I will dig into all this material over the next few days and report back... Many thanks again everyone !
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    Sea Sock

    Hi there. I have just finished building my very first skin on frame kayak. I am very new to the world of kayaking and was wondering if anyone has ever used / made a sea sock. I understand they are an important safety feature to have when using sof kayaks ? I am really looking forward to getting...