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  1. AlphaEcho

    Wingehaven, central Puget Sound, WA 18 Mar 2023

    Lovely photos. A sunny day on the water, with or without orca, is an adventure to savour. Thank you for sharing.
  2. AlphaEcho

    Vancouver Island Kayak Storage?

    @Kayak Joe - Hi. Sorry, this option isn't available anymore. Wishing good luck to you.
  3. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @Tongo-Rad - great photos; my home waters right now :)
  4. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @JKA - that's absolutely thrilling!
  5. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    I like this because it means that even though we have all kinds of technology and social media, there are still wild places to find. Also, I recommend you take site descriptions on the BCMT map with a small block of salt -- unless you have a 1st hand scouting report or it is noted as updated by...
  6. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @a_c - that last sunrise photo is pretty darn spectacular. One more reason (as if I needed any more) to paddle up there. RE: sites difficult to find - were you on a guided trip or self-managed? Not that it matters, just curious. My preference is the latter, because finding sites is pert of the...
  7. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @Jurfie - Always sweet to get a new boat. Thanks for the pix and video. The goal is to get people salivating for the season to come, which I'm pretty sure you did. :) PS - otters are always awesome!
  8. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @Philip.AK - that is exactly the kind of adventure people here imagine using a pack raft for. I am kind of in awe of your ability to pack effectively for 4 (5?) days paddling, packing, and photo-video. The wildlife was all you could ask for, except for maybe the cobra ducks. I don't trust them...
  9. AlphaEcho

    Reflector Oven

    Sir, this fact is the continual squirt of grapefruit juice in my eye whenever the legendary Outback Oven comes up. Yarns are spun by grizzled (and yeasty) old salts such as yourself of a theoretical gear swap, garage sale, or clearance store where one might be obtained, but we all know that...
  10. AlphaEcho

    Rudder cable replacement

    On the subject of spectra cord, I have a guide friend who swears by it. Since I only recently learned that this is an option, I have no direct experience for or against it. On the subject of stainless steel cables, I have paddled years with kayaks equipped with these. They are most definitely...
  11. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @pryaker - more a comment than a question. I think I would be surprised to see seals as my thought is that they must surely associate humans in boats of any kind with hunting. Thanks for the story, though it proves my thought wrong. It makes me smile knowing seals are smart enough to tell...
  12. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @CPS - I like the night shot Pascal. I enjoy paddling at night and early mornings. It's a different perspective on things for sure. I recognize the view from the beach at Ramillies. I'm pretty sure those are the bluffs on the western shore of Anvil catching the last of the sun.
  13. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @SalishSeaNior - great photos. Been wanting to get back to the Brooks for a while now. Just beautiful up there.
  14. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    Surprise/not surprise? Seals must associate kayaks with hunting by now. Were you close to the arctic circle? Did you experience 24 hour day light?
  15. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    @pryaker - The photo feels quite serene. I am wondering if you saw much marine life there?
  16. AlphaEcho

    Desolation Sound, January 2-7 2023

    Awesome photos! Feeling very encouraged to do some winter paddling to these sites. Definitely better without having to jockey for landing/launching space.
  17. AlphaEcho

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    I've been away for a bit, but do not imagine for a heartbeat that I haven't been paddling. As the kids say these days, "Pix, or it didn't happen." Post some of your favourite happy moments from the last year -- because this forum has been woefully quiet. Lets see you out on the water. C'mon...
  18. AlphaEcho

    A little Howe Sound Weekend - Feb 4-6, 2023

    Good stuff man! Home waters for me at one time. Both true. Many factors that you don't encounter on 'easy' paddles come into play. For example: the shorelines do not offer many launches and landings. Once you're on the water, you're committed. 20 minutes can easily turn into an hour if the wind...
  19. AlphaEcho

    Video of yacht capsizing on Columbia River bar

    That does not recommend the expression "sail it like you stole it." Thumbs up for the CG trainee. Seeing as they completed the task, I feel like they could skip the Paddle Canada Levels 1-3 and just straight for the 4.
  20. AlphaEcho

    Seeking best possible San Juan Islands paddle: weekend of 6/25-27

    Hey @SWriverstone! It's been a while and I am hoping that your ocean paddling career continued through the pandemic. Have you made it up here to BC waters yet?