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  1. Astoriadave

    A Few Words About the Future of WestCoastPaddler

    I'll go along with the throng, pay or no pay, SUP yea or nay. (My boardhead son labels them "janitors" for their elegant sweeping motions.) We developed a friendship with a woman who started a local SUP outfitting business, mostly instruction and light touring around here. One or two supported...
  2. Astoriadave

    Are you socially isolating?

    We get out once a day for sightseeing forays and grocery shopping. No paddling. Feels somewhat like being stormbound in a tent, but with a plethora of electronic companionship.
  3. Astoriadave

    Thormanby and Jedediah Islands, Strait of Georgia, BC 6–8 March 2020

    Great photos. Lovely trip. Alex, you are far more carefree than I am. Your drizzly night "en sleepingbag" gave me the shivers. ;)
  4. Astoriadave

    Drysuit leak test - with soap/water mix

    Those repairs are easy for pinholes and seams. I suspect they are hamstrung by Gore's rules.
  5. Astoriadave

    Portland and Rum Islands, Gulf Islands, BC 15–17 Feb 2020

    Superb photos. That harlequin shot is a killer image. We see them in small groups, often just a single pair mixing it up in the currents and swash, off Ecola Point, inside Ecola State Park. (Unfortunately, the access road is closed because of a massive slide.). Keep it up, Alex. Your skill...
  6. Astoriadave

    Mystery kayak

    The coaming appears to be nearly lipless. An artifact of the lighting, maybe? Early days, those no-rocker boats were fashionable among a few WA designers seeking maximum hull length for slightly greater "hull speed." Very nasty in a following sea ... broach machines from hell. For the money, a...
  7. Astoriadave

    Adhesives for Plastic

    I believe this is the same product. MSDS for each component is as long as your arm. Looks like a variant of the two part urethane adhesive from 3M, but much easier to use in a double plunger delivery mode. Thanks, John. https://www.jbweld.com/product/plastic-bonder-syringe [Below, one of...
  8. Astoriadave

    Testing out Windy

    Interesting discussion. I never realized there was such a great difference in forecast areas between Canada and the US. I have never felt undersupplied with overall forecast information on Canadian waters, but I've only paddled in a few areas: Barkley Sound, Clayoquot Sound, the Gulf Islands...
  9. Astoriadave

    Part 2 of the Cape Scott trip report is now up

    That is a fine ending, Philip. I had to laugh at your description of the futility of owning a GPS with no mapping capability. Sorting out lat/lon data to make it usable for application to a paper chart, on the fly, is a demon's game. I messed with that a little on one of the first Garmin...
  10. Astoriadave

    Around Cape Scott, a blast from my paddling past

    Becky loved the tern joke. I thought it a bit of the wurst! o_O Lovely trip report. Hope the slugs have recovered ... 20 years on.
  11. Astoriadave

    2 "kayakers" rescued at Ballard Locks, Seattle

    Disgusting, no? This is rampant.
  12. Astoriadave

    SOLD! - Current Designs 17’7” GTS

    Got that right.
  13. Astoriadave

    2 "kayakers" rescued at Ballard Locks, Seattle

    Well known spillway area. The guy who got washed over the barrier is very fortunate. Some sousehole activity, akin to the hazard generated by low head dams. Unclear where the swimmer went over.
  14. Astoriadave

    Christmas poetry of a sort

    Craig is the Linux geek. I get it confused with that kid in the comic strip.
  15. Astoriadave

    Christmas poetry of a sort

    OMFG! I remember this. Good research, John. Paddlewise was a refuge from the endless flame wars on on the public user groups, only slightly evolved from Bulletin Boards. Dan Millsip, one of the early WCP-ers, was a principal in that era. In lieu of embracing the Wayback Machine, onetime WCP...
  16. Astoriadave

    Christmas poetry of a sort

    Egad! Geezer gulp! I never thought I would see a mention of that *stuff* again. Paddlewise geflugagated forth when a too-kind moderator refused to cut Tim off. Cognitive confusion amongst the chaos of an antiquated listserv. Time for my dose of Metamucil. New me.
  17. Astoriadave

    Port Alberni Inlet

    What Mick said. Fearsome rollers, quite common. Smaller power boats avoid it during those times. I expect a very slow bankside survey will yield smaller camps. It is not a fun stretch.
  18. Astoriadave

    Broughton Archipelago August 24-30, 2019 (2 of 2)

    Superb report, great photos, you guys!