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  1. Peter-CKM

    Attention: Canadian PLB Users

    In the US, NOAA send out an email message every other year asking for users to update their data.
  2. Peter-CKM

    Cable locks?

    My experience, having kayaks stolen is rare, but unfortunately not unheard of. Part of what keeps it rare goes with @AM 's question - it doesn't make sense for most thieves to steal them. They are hard to transport and hard to sell. Definitely not bicycles in how easy to steal and sell. But...
  3. Peter-CKM

    Coast Guard

    At least in the US, the coast guard does not want a float plan filed, until they need it to find you. If it is a large happening, they may want you to have a marine event permit, which is a float plan on steroids. This is more likely in areas with active boating (Golden Gate Sea Kayak...
  4. Peter-CKM

    Interesting article in current Canada's History magazine

    For those of us south of the border, I didn't know where to find this article/magazine. Did a bit of searching and I think I found an online copy at https://www.canadashistory.ca/explore/first-nations-inuit-metis/tides-of-change
  5. Peter-CKM

    2010 Necky Chatham 17 Hatch Covers

    Here is what I remember (so not 100% sure this is all correct). The Necky hatches on the Chatham line are the same as the ones used by Valley at the time. The shop I used to work at carried both lines, and they got the Necky hatches easier than Valley (which required being order from the UK)...
  6. Peter-CKM

    Arrested for Impaired Paddling

    In the US, operating any vessel (including canoe or kayak) while intoxicated is also illegal. https://www.watersportswhiz.com/can-you-get-a-dui-on-a-kayak/
  7. Peter-CKM

    Wanted: Werner high angle paddle 210

    Paddle blades and overall length are definitely personal preferences, so don't take what works for one person as a rule for what you should use. I am 6' tall and generally paddling 24" wide boats (Alchemy, Stratos, etc.). My preferred paddles are 205 cm straight shaft Shunas. That said, I...
  8. Peter-CKM

    Delta 12.10 cockpit comfort

    I did the same check of Seals sizing as @BigandSmall and agree with what was said. The 1.7 size skirt is about as large as you can go and still expect a neoprene skirt to not implode if you are hit by a wave. It is plenty large for most to get in and out, but on the larger size as sea kayaks...
  9. Peter-CKM

    Anyone remember Paddlewise.net?

    Can you get what you need from the Wayback machine? https://web.archive.org/web/20060815000000*/paddlewise.net
  10. Peter-CKM

    Can the experts name this kayak

    photos? Link to ad?
  11. Peter-CKM

    Amaruk vs Looksha T

    That's right, the cockpit openings are larger on the Looksha T. Needs one size larger deck size for skirts. Can't answer about whether the ride would be drier, but looking at the German pictures the rockers seem to be about the same to me. If you go Amaruck, you will probably want to add deck...
  12. Peter-CKM

    Amaruk vs Looksha T

    We have both in rental fleet where I work (more Looksha Ts, but a Amaruk or 2 around still). Regarding handling and speed, no major difference. One big difference is that the hatches on the Amaruk are much smaller openings than the Looksha T. Seats and pedals/rudder are also different...
  13. Peter-CKM

    Update about the outage and options for the future.

    How does that tip to GoFundMe work? If I send you guys $100 and set it as 15% tip, do they take $100 and give you $85 and keep $15, or do they take $115 from me and give you guys $100?
  14. Peter-CKM

    What is your fishing gear?

    I haven;t fished on trips, but instead do it as part of a day trip (or as the main goal of a day trip). I have used a hand line with limited success for bottom fish (rock cod and the like). Seems like I lose more value in lures than I gain in fish. Jason Self of Trinidad, CA (formerly of...
  15. Peter-CKM

    Boat Suggestions

    For flexibility on simple paddles, you may want to consider the sit on top Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL. Can be set up to paddle solo, as a tandem, or (with smaller people - should work with 1 adult and 2 little kids) as a triple. Under 14' long. Very common in rental fleets due to their...
  16. Peter-CKM

    WS Zephyr 160 - good boat for play/rock gardening?

    I don't think the skeg being slightly deployed would impact much. Define "responsive". Quick acceleration? Manueveability? For 16' booats, your Avocet (in plastic) would be considered a decent boat for the class in rock gardening. Day touring boats are more common as sea kayaks for rock...
  17. Peter-CKM

    Reinforcing foam footrest

    Rotomolded kayak bulkheads are generally just glued in - I would not want to use them for anything requiring strength, so defintiely not use as foot braces. Issue #5 of California Kayaker Magazine (can be read online in PDF format at http://calkayakermag.com/magazine.html) had an article on how...
  18. Peter-CKM

    Seeking input on a new paddle...

    Extending on what @JohnAbercrombie said, the web sit says the Camano blade is 52 cm long. So of the 230 cm, 126 cm should be the shaft length. The next more high angle blade size up I think is the Shuna, which is 46 cm long. So mathematically a 218 cm Shuna would have the same shaft length...
  19. Peter-CKM

    Utility of tide tables in complex geographies

    Nope. Not easily predictable. In open ocean, tidal currents are nominal. If I was paddling off shore off of the San Francisco area (my home territory), I would not notice a current caused by tides. But we do have an along shore current of a half knot or so caused by other factors...
  20. Peter-CKM

    Help me find a surfing kayak

    The RM (rotomolded plastic version - what we have) is a bit separate from the composite SP and ST versions. This is pretty common - if a manufacturer has both plastic and composite versions of the same boat, because they use different manufacturing processes, they often are very different...