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  1. pryaker

    Lighter, smaller replacement for C-Tug?

    Hey Mac, Will a pvc trolley like that support a loaded kayak? I sometimes wheel my loaded (for one week trip) onto BCF to get over to the island. Cheers, Rog
  2. pryaker

    Planning a paddling trip in Kyuquot Sound/Checleset Bay.

    Hey Doug, that's a great trip, you'll love it. As Alex said there's many water sources on the mainland. Just plan on carrying a few days worth and you'll be fine. My wife and I have found that one 10L dromedary each is around 3 days and so we plan to find a stream within that time. I used to...
  3. pryaker

    Adapters for Flextail pad inflation pump

    Hey John, can you comment on using the pump as a storage battery in addition to pumping? I've carried a small lion battery and recharged with solar on long trips and it would be cool to have a pump too; I hate blowing up pads with my lungs and my current thermarest pad doesn't work with my sea...
  4. pryaker

    Update on bots (bad, bad bots...)

    wait a minute, what did I miss? Has all evidence been "terminated"?
  5. pryaker

    Sunshine Coast Info (moved from General Discussions)

    I wouldn't recommend mick's "treehang" site. I've only paddled along there once and don't remember anything remotely like a camp site. There is an "interesting" sight there though; the steep banks in one area are the old PR dump, rusted remains of appliances, cars, and other junk protruding from...
  6. pryaker

    Nootka Island - August 20-26, 2023

    July 2021
  7. pryaker

    Nootka Island - August 20-26, 2023

    Sounds like a great trip, though after my (admittedly during later stages of covid when everyone was stuck incountry and doing local activities) experience on Nootka it;s surprising to hear When we were there it was crazy busy once we got to Catala (actually even just north around jurassic too...
  8. pryaker

    Inside Passage Information

    I'm with ya there, both main compartments of my new boat are a completely different shape than typical brit style boats like my old quest. My old seal line taper doesn't fit very well; there's way too much space around it in the larger compartments so I'm considering making custom bags. I've...
  9. pryaker

    2023 Clayoquot Sound regulations

    Anyone know if the camping situation has changed in Clayoquot and surrounding area? Last thing I can find is the map from 2021 with many traditional kayaker campsites closed completely or shown as day use only. I'm thinking of heading the coast and ending there but would want to spend at least a...
  10. pryaker

    Wanted: Kayak for smaller person

    You mean Tiderace ;) I think
  11. pryaker

    The likes of a Romany

    Also, I'd check out Sterling Kayaks too. Pricey but top quality boats built to play in.
  12. pryaker

    The likes of a Romany

    That's interesting news, the tiderace boats made by Nelo are incredibly well built and strong. Any word on when they'll have boats at the shop? There was rumour of a dealership coming to the gulf islands too.
  13. pryaker

    Ongoing impressions of Stellar 18 Expedition

    Sounds cool. From many years of dingy sailing I'd guess you'd need a centerboard for real "close hauled" upwind legs. Any capsizes or close call during the "spirited" bits? And one last question; where'd you get the sail?
  14. pryaker

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Gary, your post got me worried i wouldn't be going out that way as planned for the beginning of July but I just called Fair Harbour and they said the Zeballos FSR is open. Said it was never closed, I'm not sure why Western Forest Products says it was as of June 16th? Thought I should pass this...
  15. pryaker

    Kiwi visiting PNW

    Beg, borrow, or steal a boat and do something like this: Wild West Coast. Some of the best paddling around. Adding a stop at Nordstom Creek is highly recommended!
  16. pryaker

    Broughton islands tides and currents

    Do you have a source for that? A quick search leads to this: burdwood group conservancy where it states "Wilderness camping is allowed"
  17. pryaker

    Eddyline Carbonlite 2000

    pretty sure carbonlite is a two layer product so hopefully the crazing shown in your picture is only in the outside layer. I'd definitely talk to eddyline customer service. Gelcoat wouldnt add much strength, its the "pretty" part of a composite structure. Its just there to cover the structural...
  18. pryaker

    Ongoing impressions of Stellar 18 Expedition

    Cool, I sometimes think about adding a sail but wonder how often I'd use it. Please add updates once you've had some experience with it. Cheers
  19. pryaker

    Broughton islands tides and currents

    I'm sure others will chime in but at least for the Fox group i think you'll have no current to worry about. My memory of the areas more "up" into the archipeligo there's not much tidal currents. Closer to the straight yes, with the main problems having tidal forecasts published in the tide...
  20. pryaker

    Anyone ever use well nuts for compass mount?

    Pretty simple to tell if any particular mounting hardware will effect your compass. Just hold the hardware next to the compass and see if the card moves.