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  1. Wild Realms

    Bush Point, Admiralty Inlet, WA 19 April 2023

    I agree with Natasha - you get out on some cool adventures! Those are fantastic shots as well. Are you still using a Sony bridge camera (I think I read that it was a RX10 IV in another post)??
  2. Wild Realms

    Inside Passage Information

    cougarmeat - Thanks for the hammock tips! There's a bunch of info that I haven't seen before. The extremely shallow soil here in the Rockies has been the main barrier to buying one myself, as it's not just flimsy branches that you have to worry about here, but also the tree falling over...
  3. Wild Realms

    Inside Passage Information

    Thanks for starting this thread CPS! There’s some great info in here so far. This is going to be a huge post, so as a quick summary, it will be about the following: ~a large solar charging setup ~misc. gear (hammocks, chart storage, lap bags) ~some info that people into filmmaking/field audio...
  4. Wild Realms

    Official CHS charts, waterproof and regular

    I'd also like to know if anyone has tried marking these up with a pencil or pen without them smearing? If they can stay legible and not get chewed up from repeated folding/dampness, these would be ideal!
  5. Wild Realms

    Vancouver Island Kayak Storage?

    Thank you for the detailed response and the potential offer to share a unit. I believe I have come up with a solution that will work for me (and that will not require slinging my boat beneath my nephew's treehouse). As you pointed out, it is difficult to find reasonably priced storage, so I...
  6. Wild Realms

    Vancouver Island Kayak Storage?

    Hello all. I've been spending my winters living vicariously through all of your trip reports for years now, and figured I should join up. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that rents out storage space for kayaks on Vancouver Island (from Nanaimo and South)? There was a thread a few...