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    SOLD! - 2 20ft clear cedar boards

    Sold. (sorry I'm not seeing the button to edit my post)
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    SOLD! - 2 20ft clear cedar boards

    I have 3 7/8" x 11 3/4". X 20' boards that are just waiting for someone to rip down for use in a kayak. I'm pretty motivated to sell and am willing to work out a great deal for an interested builder from this forum. Attached is a sample shot of the boards. Please PM me if you're interested...
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    Kokatat Goretex Expedition Drysuit - $200

    I've pm'd you.
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    Craigslist posting: Shrike outside of nanaimo BC

    Did you build the shrike or shrike too? I understand the cockpit and hatch are pretty much the only difference right?
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    Cedar Strips for building

    Great questions! I bought these pre-cut as I did not have the space or tools at the time to do it properly. They were cut from old growth local clear WRC boards. The strips are 8mm and I haven't measured them all but visually they all appear to match in thickness. The one I checked was...
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    Cedar Strips for building

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    SOLD! - Mariner Express for sale, $1200CAD

    He may have been sad to sell it, but I sure was happy to purchase it :) Thanks again Tiago!
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    SOLD! - Mariner Express for sale, $1200CAD

    Re: Mariner Express for sale, $1200CAD I realized that my last message might not have come across that I'm interested in this kayak. I'm wondering though about how the Mariners fair against their reputation as being amazing boats?
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    SOLD! - FOR SALE - Mariner Coaster (Port Townsend) $1000 OBO

    Re: FOR SALE - Mariner Coaster (Port Townsend) $1000 OBO A coaster! Wow.. Talk about a legendary boat! I'd say best of luck with this sale, but I'd be surprised if you need any luck at all :)
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    my kayak feels sluggish !!

    Great videos! While I'm not ready to ride that wave yet I'd love to get out there one time and just watch you guys/girls on it.
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    WTB 2 Kayaks

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    Brooks Neo/Nylon Tour sprayskirt

    Is this still available? I have an 18x34 cockpit, brooks shows 19x33, I wonder if it'll fit.