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  1. RobR

    Kayak sizing for smaller person

    I have recently introduced my girlfriend to sea kayaking and now she would like to buy her own kayak so she can do some trips with me. She is only 5 feet tall and she would like a boat that fits her size but can also carry enough gear and food for a week long paddle. Any suggestions would be...
  2. RobR

    looking for Nimbus Solander or Horizon

    I am looking for a used kayak for a friend on Vancouver island who wants to get into kayaking I like the Nimbus boats and the Solander or Horizon I think would fit them well.
  3. RobR

    Kayak Bill - Foraging

    Another great read thanks. I have eaten seal stew a number of time over the year and the flavor was much like beef. I have never tried the fat though but I have heard it's an acquired taste, my wife's grandfather (who was Kwagiuith) used to jar it in chunks the old people really liked it but not...
  4. RobR

    BBQed Salmon

    I was gifted a nice piece of salmon while camping at Rugged Point this Summer, in the past I have used this technique on whole salmon fillets so I thought I'd try on a single piece and it worked quit well. After weaving it between some cedar kindling I rigged up a stick with some haywire (yes I...
  5. RobR


    The perishables bag is not so squished but they do get a little deformed for sure, but it still tastes good to me.
  6. RobR


    Cabbage is something I never thought of before going to try some for my next trip. thanks
  7. RobR


    Chodups my bag are 27 x 9 1/2 inches open, the one with my nonperishables is stuffed to the top just enough room to get a couple folds in the top.
  8. RobR


    Mick_allen my secret weapon is a Nimbus Telkwa HV, with 236 litres of storage space you can bring along almost anything you like including a bag of wine
  9. RobR


    No designer I have never used one of those egg containers, and I really don't mind the powdered milk at all, beside it saves space for more important things like beer and my mandolin. lol
  10. RobR


    A few years ago I would have found it very helpful to see what other kayakers where packing for 2 week solo trips. I hope this is helpful to some even if it’s just to use one or two recipes. All of my food is packed into 2 large dry bags, one bag has all my non nonperishables meals packed...
  11. RobR

    Anti fog for my camara

    Thanks WGalbraith this sounds like a great solution.
  12. RobR

    Anti fog for my camara

    some good Ideas here thanks
  13. RobR

    Anti fog for my camara

    I carry a water proof Nikon coolpix point and shoot in my life jacket pocket and I have ruined literally hundreds of pictures over the last couple of years with water drops and/or fog, I was just wondering what others do to prevent this from happening.
  14. RobR

    Broughton Archipelago, August 2017

    Thank for the report Stagger I did almost the exact same trip a week ahead of you. I also made the same mistake of staying over on Klaoitsis island after paddling down Baronet passage on my first day out of Telegraph Cove. I thought the backside of Gilford had some great coast mountain views. If...
  15. RobR

    God's Pocket, Queen Charlotte Strait, BC 9–13 June 2017

    Glad your enjoying the book Alex, Mungo Martin is used as an informant throughout this book he was a renowned carver who is credited for reviving First Nations art, he carved behind the Royal BC museum in Victoria. He also trained a few of my wifes uncles from the hunt family who also became...
  16. RobR

    God's Pocket, Queen Charlotte Strait, BC 9–13 June 2017

    hey alex I rely heavily on a hard to find book called "Kwakwaka'wakw Settlements, 1775 - 1920 a geographical Analysis and Gazetteer" it has information on all villages, winter villages, forts, resource sites and burial site from the northern tip of Vancouver island to Campbell river including...
  17. RobR

    God's Pocket, Queen Charlotte Strait, BC 9–13 June 2017

    Hey Alex thanks for the report sounds like a great trip one of my favorite places to explore. Here is a few fun facts on a couple of the places you camped. The shell middin on Bell island is called Ik’ix’yulis and is in the Tlatlasikwala (those of the ocean side) territory. My mother-in-law...
  18. RobR

    SOLD! - Greenland Paddle for sale

  19. RobR

    Cabin identification assistance

    It's from a old logging camp and is private property, I ran a crew boat out of Port Hardy to the logged land parcel a couple of kilometers south of there back in the 90's