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    Update about the outage and options for the future.

    Many thanks to Philip and Raj for their endless work. I endorse a donation option.
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    Bowron Lakes GPS

    As you identified, navigating the Bowron circuit isn't really an issue. I will briefly mention two opinions for your consideration. Firstly, the Cariboo River may be flying in early June. You may be wise to briefly beach your craft at the south end of McLeary Lake so as to allow you to first...
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    The Capstone Project, Arctic Tern 14

    Exceptional project; the boat is a beauty. Great trip write up as well.
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    A Lasting Tribute for Dave Kruger

    Dave was a teacher, mentor and adventurer. I am encouraged to think we can develop a one day paddle event in Dave's name which introduces youth and young adults to the sport. That suggestion as per Roy 222 appeals to me as being reflective of Dave. Yet Covid, insurance plus resource gathering...
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    Long Island, Willapa Bay, WA 6–7 Mar 2021

    Terrific trip and report, Alex. An excellent tribute for Dave: Tarpman would approve heartily.
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    A Lasting Tribute for Dave Kruger

    Absolutely, we must get underway. I am just going to consult privately with someone tomorrow before I throw out my suggested thought.
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    A Lasting Tribute for Dave Kruger

    Mick and Roy, thank you kindly for providing those thoughts and suggestions. They are very helpful points and start the process to percolate. As previously indicated in the earlier Dave Kruger thread below, there are many possible forms which appropriate recognition might take. Moreover, there...
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    A Lasting Tribute for Dave Kruger

    Within this forum people have posted their kind thoughts about the passing and sad loss of Dave Kruger. It is now time to seek to develop a project which appropriately acknowledges and honours Dave's memory, his spirit, and his wonderful contributions. I would be pleased if we can generate a...
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    Dave Kruger is gone

    It is my hope that subject to approval of Dave's family, a project will be developed to appropriately honour Dave's memory, spirit, and contributions. Perhaps a modest sized cross border committee might form to canvass avenues for recognizing Dave, plus raise funds for implementation. Please...
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    Dave Kruger is gone

    I am saddened to read of Dave's passing. I always admired Dave's positive community spirit, and how quickly he volunteered valuable guidance on topics. He was informed and knowledgeable, but all so positive, helpful and gracious when steering us in the right direction. He was a leader by...
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    Doe Island, San Juan Islands, WA 5–6 Oct. 2019

    Another terrific trip summary, Alex
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    A Few Words About the Future of WestCoastPaddler

    I am extremely pleased to learn that Philip has taken the reins and will inject new energy and enthusiasm into this resource. That is terrific news. Yet the fact that Dan will remain involved is a double blessing. My enthusiasm for Philip's new role does not diminish my heartfelt thanks for the...