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  1. stagger

    Canoe from, Bella Bella

    A long trip report on our first trip to Hakai here: http://aubade1.blogspot.com/2019/04/from-klemtu-to-hakai-14-days-kayaking.html?m=1 Camping spaces are more scarce north of Dallas Island, and the paddling is mostly in inlets and channels. South of Seaforth Channel you have a lot more options...
  2. stagger

    Klemtu Launch

    The launch at the ferry dock isn’t terrible. It’s not great, by any stretch, but it’s doable. Much easier than transporting your boats & gear to another location.
  3. stagger

    Kyuquot August 23-28, 2021

    You’re covering a fair bit of ground there, really most of the area! Spring Island is the must-see area AFAIC. We wished we’d spent more time around Acous. South Brooks is great for some beach-bum vibes. Don’t underestimate how rough the water can be along the south shore of Union Island — we...
  4. stagger

    Alex Sidles Review of PNW Sea Kayaking Guidebooks

    Thanks for the shout-out, Jon, but I would say my single entry isn’t a patch compared to your (https://3meterswell.blogspot.com) and Philip Torrens’ (https://philiptorrens.com) extended explorations by paddle and pen. because the information is so dispersed, and presented and organized in so...
  5. stagger

    Alex Sidles Review of PNW Sea Kayaking Guidebooks

    Rereading this thread while doing some preliminary trip planning, and something that occurs to me is that the book industry in general has been in decline since the late 90s, and guidebooks in particular can be a tough sell. As you note, details can change rapidly, making books obsolete quickly...
  6. stagger

    Major Forum Upgrade Complete

    Yes, thanks to all who worked to make this happen & working to fix all the little glitches that are an inevitable part of any change. Excellent stuff.
  7. stagger

    Bear scat: hard pass for campsite?

    AM, I’d bet big money the bear in your photo is a grizzly. Hump, “lollipop” head, round ears, scooped/dished snout profile. ‘‘Twas a brown incognito.
  8. stagger

    I am back to seakayaking after 20 years. How do I find my kayak?

    I live in Calgary. There are few lakes here and no ocean at all. I’ve owned full-sized boats and they were just too much for my lake day/overnight paddles. Nowadays I have a couple of 12-13 foot “day touring” boats that do me just fine. (I do own a full-sized touring kayak which I keep out in...
  9. stagger

    Hakai/Bella Bella - recommendations?

    Just pulling into Port Hardy now, back from a fantastic trip. Report to come later in the year when the weather turns too miserable to be outdoors. We saw nobody paddling during the whole 12 days we were out there. Where were y’all? :)
  10. stagger

    BCMTNA map down?

    It’s working on my phone. Looks good. Thanks!
  11. stagger

    BCMTNA map down?

    The map is currently showing only one feature: a safety stop at Sangster Island. All other features hidden. What gives?
  12. stagger

    Almost a trip . . . Indian Arm, BC

    Also useful future info for beach breaks: private property ends below the high tide line, meaning you should be able to stop almost anywhere that’s accessible for a rest and a snack during most tides. Whatever else you might say about this trip, you’ll always remember it!
  13. stagger

    Best guidebook for areas north of Comox, BC

    The Wild Coast 3 covers that area and although some of the campsites indicated in that book are now off-limits (particularly in the desolation sound park) it remains an extraordinarily useful resource. Between that and the BCMTNA site, you have 90% of the information you’ll get from books...
  14. stagger

    Kayak suggestions for petite women

    WHAT! That should be in a museum! Serial #2; it’s a piece of history. (But a lot more fun to paddle than to look at - the coaster is just a perfect boat)
  15. stagger

    SOLD! - Mariner II with bow and stern bulkheads/hatches

    The Mariner II has sold!
  16. stagger

    Kayak suggestions for petite women

    I will, next time. I thought about emailing you when I saw the last one... but I assumed you’d be happier without the temptation!
  17. stagger

    Kayak suggestions for petite women

    There was an Elan on Seattle Craigslist not long ago. They turn up occasionally if you look regularly and are ready to act quickly. Not many with front bulkheads, though. A Mariner Coaster would be ideal in many ways, although again, you’d be hard pressed to find one with a front bulkhead...
  18. stagger

    Hakai/Bella Bella - recommendations?

    Got copies of the Nanaimo Paddlers guides. Thanks to @nootka and @JohnAbercrombie!
  19. stagger

    Hakai/Bella Bella - recommendations?

    Getting our sh*t together for this year’s trip. We’ll be returning to the Hakai area to spend more time on the south end (Hakai proper, Calvert, Goose) since last year we ran into weather that altered our plans & forced us to stick more around the Thompson Bay / Soulsby Point area. I’m glad I...
  20. stagger

    Next summer

    The view of God’s Pocket and associated islands from the ferry out of Port Hardy was very enticing.