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    Cracked seam repair

    If your Kayak does not have bulkheads I would add them. The safety issue is a big wave could implode the hull and split it down the seam. Maybe add reinforcement plates on the inside of the seam - kinda like canoe ribs.
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    Tying yourself to the boat - comments?

    John, I like that set up, but what are the steps you take? Is the green line pre clipped to the black line and after in your boat with spray skirt stretched on to the lip, you then unclip the green line and attach it to your spray skirt? Does the bow attached line interfere with self rescue? I...
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    Sea Kayak Navigation: Plotting Your Position With A Compass

    It all sounds good in a calm sea but hoe do you mange this navigation in rough water? When I was a kid and fished Lake Champlaine with my father he would do something like what you describe. He would line two two object on shore, like a telephone pole and a barn silo and then follow that line...
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    Gelcoat or epoxy?

    If you intebd to paddle this winter I would seal any deep screeches into the glass. Water has a way of wicking in thru the glass fibers and over time cause delineation nd bubbles in the gel coat. Gorilla tape holds up well to water. Be sure you use a material that can be removed come spring...
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    Wooden Boat Rendezvous

    troll alert
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    Mariner foredeck bungees

    Soap and water to luburcate the cord might help, or Bees wax?
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    Rudder pedals

    I miss read it opening line and though " fish tail" wow that would be interesting.
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    Marina pay ramps hate this one stupid trick...

    I though he was going to land feet first in the seating area , and bust straight thru. If it was shallow he could land on his feet!!! A belly flop anyone?
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    Looking for a kayak builder

    Ok I get the idea! Maybe if you had a canoe router set modified so the outside was slightly open and used a consistent mix of thickened epoxy you could save a lot of time. If you made a special plane to shave the thickened epoxy just after it set up, that would save a lot of time. If you build...
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    Looking for a kayak builder

    Strip built with staples in 50 hours might be possible if you already had the strong back and forms set up, router templates for all the parts needed and other hard tooling alerady made. It would be real interesting to see Bjorn's manufacturing process.
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    Looking for a kayak builder

    One simple question ? How can you make money building a boat like the Black Pearl? Even if you charged $5000 plus material and completed it in 300 hours , that is just a little over fast food money. I guess I asking how manny hours does it take a professional builder to build a stripper?
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    New (to me) Winter Project

    A good source of water proof washers ( mentioned above) is plastic coffee can lids. You can hand cut the washers with almost any knife or sissors. The plasic is thin , so you might need to stack several in different applications.
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    torso rotation

    Try to see how fast you can padle your kayak using any stroke you want. ( how long canyon maintain say 5mph) Depending on your physical conditioning you reach max speed. How long you can sustain the speed depends on 2 factors. The first factor is the stored energy in your muscles (condition)...
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    What is a "small paddler"

    SZihn, No problem, you are describing me, except I am now more fat then muscle. Do not buy a boat for a small person. I paddle a 17 ft. Redfish stripper. Roy
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    How To Poop in Canadian Waters

    Does a bear or deer poop in the woods? A lot of animals cover there poop so there predators can't track and eat them. Just dont let a predator with a bage or cell phone tack you down. On a practical side you can mark the boundarys of your camp with urin. If it can't be found you have left no...
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    A New Canoe

    That is a very interesting form. What kind of paddling are you planning to do in it. Lake River or Ocean? I like the Red Green colors , In the water it might look just red - from a distance. Roy
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    Mick. I get what you are saying. I like internal bungee cords to hold hatches closed. But. Ugly external straps might be needed in rough water.
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    'Guide-approved' tips for launching kayak in rough conditions

    If you want a god laugh watch me try to make a graceful lnding in calm water in my fancy sea kayak. The girl watching really laughed her you know what off when I confidently approached the dock and did an expert wet exit.
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    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    I think clamping down of rentals would be a good place to strat. The cheap rental Kayaks should be sink proof and inspected on a minuim once a year. Why not requrire the rental company give a sort 10 minute saftey talk. Include in the talk the condition on the lake that day. A tailored saftey...
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    Portage system suggestions?

    I would not use PVC for trails described above, as it can be brittle. I dropped mine and it broke at the molded joints. PVC has the advantage of screw having together fittings. Using PVC you can design a rack that can be taken all apart. I would be more worried about damange to my Kayak if...