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  1. WGalbraith

    A weekend trip around Saltspring island

    I have done that circumnavigation a few times and both enjoyed it and hated it, depending on wind and tides. I love the ingredients of your granola bars and would appreciate a recipe if you can provide one.
  2. WGalbraith

    Gel coat/Catalyst ratio for small batch

    Filling the chips and inevitable scrapes is an annual event with my fibreglas kayak. I bought a 500ml can of WAXED gelcoat five years ago. It tends to seperate a bit over time but is usable with a thorough stirring. Use the small clear plastic medical dispenser cups to measure out 10 - 15 ml...
  3. WGalbraith

    Replacement handheld GPS

    My old Garmin GPS MAp60CsX packed it in on a recent trip to D'arcy Island. Any recommendations and experiences with handhelds that are waterproof enough to mount on the deck of my kayak, have decent battery life and can be backed up to save Waypoints. I really liked the details and features of...
  4. WGalbraith

    Any fresh water in the Broken Group?

    Apparently official park maps indicate water is unavailable in the Broken Group. I have seen this map as well and sought out those sources a few years ago. Most of them do exist and are drinkable with filtering and or boiling. I suspect that Park management adopted the "Bring your own water"...
  5. WGalbraith

    Bowron canoe cart advice

  6. WGalbraith

    Bowron canoe cart advice

    The first portage is the longest and it is with the most weight. The portages are fairly smooth and are designed with using wheels to carry your boats. Some trails are heavily crowned in the middle and only a few spots were difficult to travel on. The wheels really are a great way to do the...
  7. WGalbraith

    Bowron canoe cart advice

    After a few times around the Bowron circuit in a canoe, I took my kayak for the past trip. I was with two other canoes and we all had rented wheels for the portages. There are approved ones allowed due to the erosion issues as people carry a lot of gear. You are allowed to carry 60lbs. in the...
  8. WGalbraith

    Seeking advice - Kayaking in the heat - cancel the trip?

    As bonuses of that technique, early mornings can be wonderful to avoid the winds, enjoy wildlife and experience scenery.
  9. WGalbraith

    Bear spray at Broken Group?

    Sarah: I have paddled both the Deer and Broken Group for many years and except on Toquaht Bay and once on Tzartus Island, never seen bear of their steaming calling cards. Once you have launched, I would say your chances of an encounter are pretty unlikely on any of the Barkley Sound islands.
  10. WGalbraith

    Parking near Swartz Bay ferry terminal

    Last week I caught an opening in the wind warnings and decided to day paddle out to Portland Island. Arriving at my usual Dolphin Road parking spots early in the morning I discovered not a single space for me. In 15 years I have never had this happen, particularly on a Wednesday morning. Thanks...
  11. WGalbraith

    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    I really like the fact that dry suits and raingear can so easily and quickly be repaired. I have not been looking forward to the day that the feet in my dry pants start leaking. To be able to repair in the field without suffering cold wet feet until the end of a trip sounds like a good reason...
  12. WGalbraith

    Tofino to White Rock 2021

    I am not sure where the border crossing discussion came from since you live in Canada, are paddling from Tofino to White Rock and didn't mention stopping in Point Roberts. As for the West Coast trail, for 2021, it is almost certain the trail will be closed or hiker numbers significantly...
  13. WGalbraith

    Parking near Swartz Bay ferry terminal

    The chain link fenced parking area and repository of old boats is owned by the Piers Island property owners. I have not heard about the row of street parking adjacent to the fence being closed. It's a great spot to drop your kayak in the water for the Gulf Islands. I have used it for years to...
  14. WGalbraith

    Unboxing Counterfeit Level Six Dry Suit From Amazon!

    What a revealing inside look at knockoff suits. I discovered much the same issue with Gore-Tex runner purchases online. The seller uses images of a known and respected product or minimally changes the image in the picture. It was also inspirational to see a bit about the development of Level 6...
  15. WGalbraith

    SPOT Gen 3 GPS Messenger

    For Sale - Generation 3 GPS messenger. Has been kept in waterproof deck bag for its lifetime. Original box, accessories included. $100.00
  16. WGalbraith

    Portland and Rum Islands, Gulf Islands, BC 15–17 Feb 2020

    Rum Island is a great spot unless a crowd arrives. I have stayed there many times and explored the interior of the island hoping to discover a forgotten cache of rum. Instead, I found a bat research project with transmitters and story boards outlining the project. The small deer herd is...
  17. WGalbraith

    Drowning caused by leashing

    In my deck bag there is always a paddle leash. It is clipped on whenever I am fishing so I can simply drop the paddle and play a fish on the line. There are many other things to focus attention on when that line " zings" out that it would be too easy to lose a paddle while landing the fish. I...
  18. WGalbraith

    What Wax do you use?

    About twice a year I wash, dry and repair gelcoat chips on the hull. If you can see fibres in the chip, it needs to be repaired. Once the repair is complete, I use the old Turtle Wax green paste automotive wax on the whole boat. I have a rotary polisher that I use with a soft cloth buffing pad...
  19. WGalbraith

    Found adrift kayaks in WA lead to rescue

    I once camped in Widgeon Creek near Pitt Lake and tied our canoe up to a log that hung over the water 5-6 feet above the water. During the night it rained heavily and the creek rose enough to sink the canoe. Had it not been tied, we would have been stranded. Numerous lunch or pee breaks in the...