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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    It was good to put some faces to the names. I ended up paddling with some club members. We eventually ended up out by the cruise ship where it was quite ruff and I go a bit of a work out. Bye the time we made it back I was beat since I started at 5 PM with another paddler. I placed the...
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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    I went down to the harbor in my kayak yesterday around 6pm and caught the Russian ship coming into port. The masts were lined with sailor and they were singing some Russian sea shanties. Quite a buys harbor with positioning of tall ships, sightseers of all types both on land and water, plane...
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    Camera Recommendations

    I think all the pictures I have on the site currently are pics I took around the island. Some at Race Rocks, some at Port Hardy and some around Victoria. Lots of color in our waters when you shine a light or strobe on them.
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    Camera Recommendations

    Sorry Dan, I thought it was you. Have you bought a replacement yet? If so what model did you decide on?
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    Camera Recommendations

    Dan: Are you taking your camera bag over to Victoria. I have Digital SLR I would like to start using. I have a box but it offers no protection when the odd wave splashes the kayak. I currently use my old digital a Sony 707 and take my chances. I have an underwater housing for it but it is...
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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    My regular Friday paddling partner needs to get out early so I will be on the water at 17:00 and meet back at the beach at 19:30 for another go around.
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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    Hard to keep straight who is here and who is there. I am sure if we are looking for just one to be a crowd I could fit the bill. I might have another paddler who is interested.
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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    Friday sounds good. What time would be good for the everyone including the Vancouver crowd?
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    Paddling to the Tall Ships in Victoria Harbour - June 24

    I would love to get out for an overnighter but the next two weekends are not good. I do however plan to get out and do some picture taking myself. I also want to do a night paddle around the harbor withthe ships in. Perhaps we can get somewhat of a group together for a night paddle.
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    There's a lesson in here somewhere...

    Sorry about your loss. Thanks for sharing you story as something like this can happen anyone regardless of skill. Check your house insurance. I have condo contents insurance which would cover the a camera with a $500 deductible. I added a rider which costs about $40 for $4000 worth of camera...
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    Looking for a new stove

    I bought the MSR Dragon Fly. Very noisy but it does heat water quickly and also has a simmer control. If noise is an issue then this stove is not for you.
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    REVIEW: DVD - This is the Sea

    I watched this video a couple of weeks ago after renting it here in Victoria and it opened my eyes to what some people do with a sea kayak. An excellent rent for sure.
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    May 27th overnight trip to Prevost Island

    Well I am sure you will enjoy the boat builders event. I am thinking about a kit for a wooden boat. I saw two people paddling wooden kayaks on the Gorge in Victoria last week. The boats were not Pygmy kits but I almost offered to buy one from him they looked so cool. Apparently they were also...
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    May 27th overnight trip to Prevost Island

    Well I reviewed your latest trip from Mayne to James Bay and it seems you have already explored alot of this area and captured some great shots with the camera. So much to do in life and so little time.
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    Weekends on the water

    Sorry I came down with a cold this week.
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    Where did you paddle this weekend?

    I decided to take in the towing clinic given by the VCKC Saturday morning and went for a short paddle afterwards with some others. Sunday I did a exercise paddle down the Gorge. Worked on my almost roll in the pool Sunday night. I made some progress as I was able to downsize my homemade...
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    SOF Questions for Dan

    Dan : Is your double a Pygmie boat? I was looking at their kits as a potential winter project. Any comments on these kits?
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    Kayak Transportation

    Does the driver sit in the kayak and lean / edge to turn? I have a pick up with a Yakima rack system with rollers. Saddles on the cab and a cross bar on the box spaced so support is under the bulk heads. It is amazing how many type of rack and systems one sees on club events.