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    Update about the outage and options for the future.

    I visit this site multiple times a week and always get great information. I would gladly donate from time to time if there was an e-transfer email or some other way to move funds. Just saw the email address! : ) donation sent!!
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    Ordering thru the states

    You will probably get charged an outrageous amount by your frieght company. Since you are in Abbotsford I would ship to a PO box in Sumas and drive it back over the border. You may have to pay GST depending on the whim of the border officer and perhaps a duty but you will not have the fees...
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    Indian Arm in a canoe?

    We went to Granite Falls for an overnight a couple of weeks ago and there was a a couple with a dog in a canoe whom we passed that made it and camped for the night.
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    I have real eye issues with nerve damage in my right eye causing double vision. I can sort of get it corrected with lenses but It still occurs. I never considered Monovision which might be a solution for enjoying our paddles more. I am going to look into that. This forum is always a wealth of...
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    Looking for kayak launch sites next to BC Ferry Terminals

    Pender Island: Even though this is marked red on the BC Marine trial website the 3/4 km walk up and around the hill to the marina is definitely doable. The road is steep going down to the marina so going back up is a two rest endeavour but we would still do it. Plus we had a Delta 20 double so...
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    grounded barge and sailboat in English Bay?

    We see this from our balcony. Here's a few pics from that day.
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    Replacing the rudder deployment line

    I was trying to replace the rudder deployment lines on our Delta Tandem 20T and could not feed the new line through. It was getting stopped by the ferrule at the end. I went and got a length of some 14/3 house wiring and pulled the ground wire from it. Fed that through and still couldn't get...
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    Circumnavigating South Pender

    Thanks for all the replies. After paddling down the west side of North Pender and experiencing the currents there, we decided to stay conservative and not head to the south tip. Need more technique to be really comfortable. Had a great four days with a super nice paddle back to Otter Bay from...
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    Circumnavigating South Pender

    We are going to do this this weekend. Any issues going around the SE tip? tia Sean
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    Tandem lessons

    Mick: Well, that is solid advice. We have never come close to capsizing even though we have paddled in fairly rough conditions so having / spending time on a technique we don't really need at the expense of way more practical techniques doesn't seem to make sense. Getting back in from a wet...
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    Tandem lessons

    We have done a fair bit of wet exit, entrance into the boat practice, so am confident with that, but would like to avoid pumping out the kayak if possible. : ) With your step 1 comment, We are hoping that lessons will give us the knowledge on this so we can execute in different conditions. Sean
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    Tandem lessons

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I will review the rudder, did not think of that as being an issue but certainly having a larger rudder would give us more control, I should have realized that from my sailing experience! I will contact Mike through Jericho, I have seen many of his videos...
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    Tandem lessons

    We paddle a tandem Delta 20T and are thinking about rolling lessons along with some more advance paddling techniques to help us maneuver better. We paddled out to Jericho from Granville island on Sunday and while going into the waves was tiring but no problem, coming back was a little more...
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    Garmin 78S speed logging question

    We have a newly acquired Garmin 78S. When it tracks our progress it catalogs speed in one decimal place, x.x, up to 4.5 knots. After 4.5 the next increment is 5. After 5, it is 6. Is there a way to have it datalog to one decimal place all the time? Here are some examples from the track...