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  1. SalishSeaNior

    Tides - predictions vs observed

    Mother Nature is in charge, despite all our modern scientific knowledge and technology. Those of us who spend time in nature know this from personal observation and experience.
  2. SalishSeaNior

    Lummi Island, San Juan Islands, WA 27 Oct and 10 Nov 2023

    Another interesting trip, and a great write up Alex. I have paddled the shores of Lummi Island for many years and had only heard one vague rumour of this petroglyph. In fact, I launched at "Sunset Beach" the week before last and paddled this whole section of the island close in shore looking...
  3. SalishSeaNior

    For Sale, Nimbus Skana K2

    I guess perhaps I will bump this post back up. The boat is still for sale, didn't sell last summer, and is a good deal at this price.
  4. SalishSeaNior

    Cell service/water in the Broughtons?

    Don't know who your cell service provider is, but here is the link to the coverage map for Rogers in the Queen Charlotte Straight, Broughton Archipelago area.
  5. SalishSeaNior

    Protest period open on San Juan Islands Nat'l Monument RMP FEIS

    Thanks for this Alex. I was just beginning to plan a week long trip from Lummi Island to the Boundary Pass area with long time Canadian kayaking friends who are not familiar with the lovely San Juan Island paddling. Lummi Rocks was to be the first night out on our way to the north side of...
  6. SalishSeaNior

    The likes of a Romany

    I am a huge fan of North Shore Kayaks which are now built as a boutique brand by Valley. They are not well know on the West Coast, but are very popular in the East and in the UK. I still have a North Shore Ocean 17, which is the only skeg boat I have ever owned. I have been downsizing my...
  7. SalishSeaNior

    Can the experts name this kayak

    Cyclegranny, did you ever happen to go look at the boat you were enquiring about in this thread. Identification perhaps?
  8. SalishSeaNior

    Looking for a Current Designs Nomad/Extreme HV

    CD Extreme for sale Nanaimo area. I have no idea how recent the post is, but it seems current and isn't marked sold. Looks like a very well cared for boat at a good price. Cheers,
  9. SalishSeaNior

    Can the experts name this kayak

    If this is the same boat as Cyclegranny pictured above, then it looks to be missing the hatch covers, which is not a surprise given it's suspected age. They had no doubt deteriorated to the point where they were useless. Fortunately, these can still be ordered on line, but it will add to the...
  10. SalishSeaNior

    Can the experts name this kayak

    It looks like the current concensus is an early P & H model. I found this 2012 P & H Brochure archived on line with all the models of that time listed, lengths, specs, images, etc. I am still favoring an early build of a Capella. The hull and shape of the boat just looks right and the...
  11. SalishSeaNior

    2022 Paddling Photo log

    DNR site on Lummi Island, Washington, August Un-named beach Klaskino Inlet, June Okanagan Lake, Okanagan Mountain Park, April
  12. SalishSeaNior

    Can the experts name this kayak

    Good question John, and the answer is no, Norkapps are all in the 18 ft range. So what might it be? The only other early Brit boat that comes to mind, and that came in a 16.5 inch length, is the P&H Cappella 167. They were first built in the early to mid 90s. There is not a lot of history...
  13. SalishSeaNior

    Can the experts name this kayak

    It looks perhaps to me like an older Nordkap, Pehaps an HS model, see this link Nordkap HS The HS designation stands for "hull standard"' Scroll down until you see the colour images and the words Nordkap performance flagship. The upswept ends, the deck, including the pump, hatch and...
  14. SalishSeaNior

    Desolation Sound, January 2-7 2023

    Thanks for the wonderful trip report and beautiful imagery CPS. Desolation Sound is such a large, diverse and special place to paddle. The southern end where you paddled on this trip is wonderful, especially in the off season. Happy New Year and wishing you and everyone else on the forum many...
  15. SalishSeaNior

    Seeking input on a new paddle...

    I have been paddling with an Aquabound Manta Ray high angle blade for a very long time. I finally cracked the blade on the original last summer getting out of the boat in choppy conditions, and leaning too hard on the shaft, my fault, not the paddle. So, I bought a new one with the Posi-Lock...
  16. SalishSeaNior

    Deception Pass Challenge 2021

    Fair enough, but then why do the organizers feel it is necessary or prudent to keep putting further limits on qualifications and entry numbers in longstanding kayaking events, after, in Alex's words, a "Goat Rope", first one to our knowledge? Search and Rescue organization and responsibility in...
  17. SalishSeaNior

    Deception Pass Challenge 2021

    The link Alex posted from "48 North" is well written, well researched, appears to be factual and has context. Facts and context, two critical things needed to get a clear picture of the event. It clearly shows that no one, including the Sherriff thought the event was unorganized or unsafe; or...
  18. SalishSeaNior

    Latest Apple phones - will they eat Spot’s lunch?

    What Cougarmeat said. Yes, I carry my phone, no I do not use it as my emergency rescue device, nor my navigation device. They work fine for day paddling, or paddling in places where there is cell reception. But they do not work on the ragged green edge of the world: places like the northwest...
  19. SalishSeaNior

    SOLD! - Impex Category Force 5

    The Force 5 is SOLD
  20. SalishSeaNior

    SOLD! - Impex Category Force 5

    Dropping the price to $2000.00 Canadian