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  1. J

    Homage to the [now closed] Guillemot Kayak Building Forum

    I too will miss Nick's forum. I learned how to build boats there. And more importantly, I made friends there from all over the world. I even spent a memorable. day with one paddling in Ireland. Thanks to that forum I grew from a person who did not have the confidence to build a boat to one...
  2. J

    Carbon and epoxy, UV resistance?

    If they were mine, I would treat them with several coats of varnish or paint for UV protection. That is what is done with the wood kayaks and canoes that some of us build. John V B
  3. J

    Plastic shell fit-out

    Very nice work. It is nice that you could "save" that boat and outfit with your personal preferences. Plastic boats have a definite place in my small fleet because they are almost indestructible. While my wood and composite boats are kept indoors, the plastic boat can live outdoors in...
  4. J

    New (to me) Winter Project

    Just a thought - the lower your new seat is the better the stability will be. something you might want to concider. John V B
  5. J

    my first ever carnage and repair ( sof )

    Kind of like getting the first scratch on a 4X4 you intend to use off-road or a smudge on a new pair of sneakers. It "hurts" but then the next one does not "hurt" as much. And finally, each one becomes reminds us of an adventure. John V B
  6. J

    A New Canoe

    We use this type of boat on flat water rivers, typically in the Adirondacks of upstate New York and on lakes. I also hunt carp with a bow in the backwaters of the Hudson River from these boats. John V B
  7. J

    A New Canoe

    Hi, Here is a photo of the canoe I built and gave my daughter. The design for this SOF boat was by Dave Gentry with modifications by myself. It is a Wee Lassie-type boat meant to be paddled like a kayak with a double-bladed paddle. The boat is 13.5 feet long and weighs about 27 pounds. The skin...
  8. J

    hi and my newest project

    Cool Boat.Thank you for sharing. John VB
  9. J

    Final challenge

    I too use the Bosch blades after applying masking tapes. to reduce splintering. John V B
  10. J

    Greenland style paddle loop?

    I use a black paracord with a series of knots in it. the paracord is attached to a loop of nylon web that is held to the gunwale with a stainless steel screw over a stainless washer. I use a nail, I heat the tip of red-hot to make the hole in the web loop and nylon or poly hull skin. John V B