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    Seaward Tyee or Vision?

    How about a Passat? I know it is a double, but with all that deck space you could put a whole lot of sails up, and there would be tons of room to haul Dan's huge tent! :D
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    SOLD! - Kevlar Current Designs Isle - First $2000 takes it

    Re: Kevlar Current Designs Isle for sale - First $2000 takes Boat is now sold.
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    Pros and Cons of Roof Rack

    Use a "steering wheel" lock across the cockpit, run your cable around that and the roof racks. Thieves may cut the cable, but they will still have to deal with the lock across the cockpit.
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    Nuchatlitz Put-In

    That is one of my favorite areas to paddle - love it up there. LEI is my preferred launch - get on the water early to get a jump on the wind coming up Espinoza later on. Unless the conditions are nasty, Rosa or Isl 44 is quite doable from LEI in a day. As a side note, using a wind paddle will...
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    Fleming Island in the Deer Group to be logged !

    A sad sight to see, I hate that we keep seeing more and more clearcuts in these previously beautiful areas.
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    Underdeck bag ?

    One thing about getting older is when your eyes develop cataracts - then you go for lens replacement surgery, they correct your vision you walk out with young eyes! I am now 20/20 and great reading vision to boot. No more glasses or contacts after 41 years - amazing.
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    Kayak Security

    A steering wheel lock, like the clubman, across the cockpit will give you a really solid point to attach a chain or cable. Sadly, if someone is set on stealing your boat (or bike) they are going to do it - best thing is to try and make it so tough that it will slow the bast**ds down and make...
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    Beecher Bay

    Sou'wester - try putting some weight in your hatches, as close as you can to the bulkheads. 10 - 15 lbs in each will help the boat settle down in the water more. The Quest is an awesome touring boat when loaded, but a little tippy empty. Of course as you gain experience you will be able to...
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    Looking for advice and guidance

    Another choice would be the Current Designs Isle - I have paddled one for 3 years. I am 6'4" and 240 (ish) lbs. Lots of leg room, and space for my size 12s.
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    Are there Hammock Trees in the Deer Island camp sites?

    Fleming, Ross Islets, Sanford - lots of options for "hanging around".
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    current Isle

    Ah the challenges that us larger paddlers face. I'm 6'4" and 240 lbs on a good day. I've been paddling the Isle for 3 years, weighting it down will certainly help - I found that the boat likes to sit on one edge or the other unless fully loaded. A bit more practice and you should have a...
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    First greenland paddle

    I use a 1-piece GP that I carved and have one of Randy's 2-piece paddles. My lovely lady has 2 of Randy's paddles and swears by them.
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    Some news about AstoriaDave

    Glad to see you back - your thoughts have been missed.
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    Pygmy Coho decoration

    i believe paint would not be as bad as vinyl, as the epoxy would stand a chance of bonding through the cloth to the wood. I would be cautious about how big the design is to be, you could end up with weak spot on the hull. When I build my boat, I read a tip about printing your design out on thin...
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    Yes it's another GP!

    I found that heating the oil a bit made it abosrb better - I would then use a heat gun (hair dryer) on the paddle to help it soak in. Light sanding between coats until the grain doesn't raise anymore. 8 coats on my first one, tipped the ends with fiberglass and epoxy then painted them off-white.
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    ferrule and rudder upgrades

    Very nice - look forward to seeing it in action. BTW - you are right, you never would have lived it down at the WCP camp-out. :clap:
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    Skin On Frame For Me!

    Keep the pics coming - look forward to seeing the progress.
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    Muddling 'round Murtle Lake

    Great report and pics - thanks for sharing.
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.