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  1. jefffski

    Electronic Navigation - Update

    I'm so old school. I still mostly rely on paper marine charts for the majority of my navigation. The chart, folded for the day, sit right in front of me in a watertight map case all the time. So easy. I also have a handheld waterproof Garmin GPS with the Bluechart data (the marine charts)...
  2. jefffski

    7 days in Nuchatlitz--by canoe

    Did you find the videos of each day?
  3. jefffski

    7 days in Nuchatlitz--by canoe

    My partner and I recently spent 7 days paddling our canoe in the Nuchatlitz area on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I posted 7 short videos (roughly 3-4 minutes each) of our trip. Here's the first one, and there's a link at the end of each to the next one. I've also posted a pic of our route.
  4. jefffski

    Cell service/water in the Broughtons?

    We use a vhf radio. I doubt there's any cell service. re water, try paddlers inn. Be nice.
  5. jefffski

    Inside Passage Information

    I download gps coordinates (waypoints) of campsites onto my handheld. These are especially helpful in finding those hard to spot upland sites.
  6. jefffski

    Choppers in BC Parks

    Is it legal to land a private helicopter on an island in a BC Marine Park?
  7. jefffski

    Broughton islands tides and currents

    a re a report on another site. Perhaps they were referring to the island with the cabin
  8. jefffski

    Broughton islands tides and currents

    I've heard that the Burdwood Group is now closed to camping
  9. jefffski

    Canoe from, Bella Bella

    Check out my detailed report of a canoe trip from Bella Bella to North Calvert Island and return. https://kjandjeff.ca/wp/stories-with-pics/
  10. jefffski

    Howe Sound paddling question

    From blind channel to Zorro is about 14 km along the beautiful west shore with several camps to bail. Start very early to avoid to the winds. Unfortunately, as Zorro has an easy gravel landing, motor boats will land there. They don't all share the same camping ethic as paddlers.
  11. jefffski

    Weeklong Trip Vancouver Island

    I'm looking into Nuchatlitz area but want to avoid a water taxi. How is the paddle out from Zeballos or Little Espinosa Inlet? Is the road from Zeballos to Little Espinosa 2WD? Thx
  12. jefffski

    Canoe from, Bella Bella

    We did a 12-day trip by canoe from Bella Bella to North Calvert Island and back. Here's a bunch of stories, pics and video including trip logistics https://kjandjeff.ca/wp/stories-with-pics/
  13. jefffski

    Smartwatch for paddling?

    To use the GPS, you have to turn it on. Otherwise, it's off and the watch will last over a week.
  14. jefffski

    Smartwatch for paddling?

    I use a Garmin Forerunner 45s. It's the cheapest of the newer models but does have HR. Everything is very accurate and it rarely drops GPS. With GPS on, I can get about 10 hours of tracking. HR is accurate for canoeing but not for SUP (probably because I'm working really hard and my wrist moves...
  15. jefffski

    Around Galiano Island by Canoe

    Around Galiano Island by Canoe September 29-Oct 3, 2022 Video link We started at Mayne Island and finished at Galiano Island to avoid transiting the five-kilometre long Active Pass with its high currents and constant ferry traffic. From Village Bay on Mayne Island, we quickly crossed a...
  16. jefffski

    Indian Arm in a canoe?

    My partner and I have toured BC's coast extensively in our Clipper Tripper. We just returned from a mostly circumnavigation of Galiano Island (all but Active Pass), in August, we did a 13-day 200 km trip in the Discovery Islands...
  17. jefffski

    Howe Sound

    Still going strong after our 13-day canoe trip in the Discovery Islands (report coming soon), today we opted for a paddle down Howe Sound. Putting in at the Blind Channel added a few km to the old put in at Nexen beach. We paddled our Clipper Tripper in mirror-like conditions all the way down...
  18. jefffski

    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    amazing trip. The 40 km day has me a bit worried about pulling it off.
  19. jefffski

    Canadian Central British Columbia, Bella Bella to Hakai - information dump requested

    We found an excellent water source near Quinoot. Tea like but plentiful. Near here: 52°10'27.52"N 128°20'26.27"W It was audible!
  20. jefffski

    Hakai Area Hotsprings

    Hose, Quinoot, Cultus, Soulsby, Serpent and North Beach (Calvert Is) are all on the Marine Trails map. No Name: 52° 0'13.65"N, 128°15'11.05"W Swordfish: 51°52'30.29"N, 128°14'6.04"W