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  1. tinman

    24 hours of paddling (or the longest day trip)

    Fantastic trip, I dont think I have exceeded 4 hours straight paddling at any time. Any stretches, exercises, varying paddling technique, etc. to keep some variety?
  2. tinman

    VEVOR Heavy Duty Kayak Cart, vs C-Tug

    The C-Tug worked for me going around Bowron Lakes. Fitted to a 14" kayak and about 40 lbs of gear in it. The main issue I had was that it wanted to slide off the back when hitting bumps. But running a rope around the frame and the front of the cockpit kept it in place just fine. I was able...
  3. tinman

    Fall Trip Around the Bowron

    I used a C-Tug Cart with solid wheels. The wheels were not as big as the "bicycle" wheels on the canoe cart but they were big enough for most sections. I thought I was in trouble 500 meters into the first portage when the cart kept wanting to slide off the back and of course with a kayak...
  4. tinman

    Fall Trip Around the Bowron

    Water levels were a bit lower than when I went at the end of July. How did you keep the kayak cart from sliding around? I ended up tying a rope around the cart and the front of the combing so it could a move a bit with hitting rocks but never slide off the back of the kayak.
  5. tinman

    Bowron Lakes July/August 2023

    6 Day trip report around the full circuit of Bowron Lakes. Please see attached PDF for details of the adventure.
  6. tinman

    Tsawwassen to Nanaimo, via Gulf Islands

    How long was the crossing to Cabbage Island?
  7. tinman

    Wanted: Kayak for smaller person

    I have a Tsunami 135 for sale that is suitable for a smaller size paddler.
  8. tinman

    SOLD!! - Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 - CAD $1,400

    Willing to take $1,200. Daughter would like to buy a stand up paddleboard instead once its sold. I know I know, I couldn't reason with her about that. Not that there is anything wrong with SUP's. Kayak cockpit size is suitable for paddlers up to about 5' 6".
  9. tinman

    SOLD!! - Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 - CAD $1,400

    Its also the top one in my avatar. I may need to update my avatar!!!
  10. tinman

    SOLD!! - Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 - CAD $1,400

    My daughter used this from when she was 9 to 17 years old. I even got in it a few times and I am 6' tall. But definitely too cramped for someone that tall. Kept in the garage, in excellent shape like new. Apparently these go for $2400 new today. You might as well get this one at close to...
  11. tinman

    A little Howe Sound Weekend - Feb 4-6, 2023

    Yeah, it looked like a lake during your trip. But after seeing reports previously of the wind picking up and coming down the valley from Squamish it can get quite challenging. And there might not be a lot of notice. Perhaps this is more of a problem in summer afternoons or during arctic outflows.
  12. tinman

    A little Howe Sound Weekend - Feb 4-6, 2023

    Envious. Howe Sound so close so why do I never paddle there?
  13. tinman

    Journey to the Upper Pitt River

    I cant wait for the full trip report. And if you want to see something truly remarkable watch the following video of a kayaker hiking from Whistler over Garibaldi park with a kayak and putting into the Pitt River before it even appears navigable.
  14. tinman

    A (mostly) Fraser River Sunday Paddle

    How far up the North Alouette River can you paddle?
  15. tinman

    A (mostly) Fraser River Sunday Paddle

    Nice, I did the Mission Bridge to Fort Langley section this summer. And Fort Langley to Barnston previously. One day will complete everything from Hope to Steveston.
  16. tinman

    Paddling across the Strait of Georgia

    Is that a 16' or 18' kayak? Always wanted to try the crossing but I should have done it 20 years ago. Now, I would not look forward to a 10 hour paddle in a day.
  17. tinman

    Around Sechelt Peninsula by canoe

    Beautiful. Goes to show you that you dont have to load up your gear and travel to a put in spot. Just Go!
  18. tinman

    Fraser River (Mission to Maple Ridge) April 10, 2022

    What was the current like and what was the tide at the time?
  19. tinman

    Pitt lake widgeon creek dock

    I went up Widgeon Creek twice in the last couple of months. At high tide its better to launch off the "beach" beside that dock. But the second time I went the water was lower and I used the "closed" dock which had lots of people using it regardless. While its not being maintained very well...